LAVALANTULA Is SyFy’s Latest Craptastic Disaster Movie

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If you enjoy campy disaster movies like Sharknado, then you’ll want to mark your calendar for the latest offering from the SyFy channel. In an attempt to out-do themselves, the newest creature movie imagines what would happen if an avalanche of giant lava-spewing tarantulas descended upon the city.

Yes, this sounds utterly ridiculous. But, I’m already looking forward to the RiffTrax live screening of this guaranteed to-be guilty pleasure movie.

I know what you’re thinking long do I have to wait for this craptastic movie event?!? Don’t worry, friends, you get to see it on July 25th when it debuts on the SyFy network.

Here’s the movie synopsis: terror will erupt out of ancient volcanos in the Santa Monica Mountains, raining death and destruction upon Los Angeles. And Police Academy icons Steve Guttenberg, Leslie Easterbrook and Michael Winslow will be the only ones standing between the City of Angels and this monstrous swarm of bloodthirsty creatures who burn their victims alive. Nia Peeples (The Young and the Restless) and Ralph Garman (KROQ/LA DJ) co-star.

Yeah, it’s gonna be a terrible good time.


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