Did Joss Whedon Sneak Serenity Into The Avengers?

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Serenity director Joss Whedon was the man behind the camera on The Avengers and even though he’s moved on to massively budgeted studio projects he hasn’t forgotten Firefly fans. Rumor has it that he has managed to slip Serenity, the Firefly class ship Captained by Mal Reynolds, into The Avengers.

Fans around the world are reporting having spotted the ship, Serenity, in a scene where someone holds something up to Hawkeye. Word is that you can see Serenity in the background, momentarily.

We haven’t actually been able to confirm this yet, so if you head out to see The Avengers this weekend, let us know if you spot the ship.

This wouldn’t be the first time Joss Whedon has worked a Firefly Easter Egg into one of his movies. Whedon wrote and produced Cabin in the Woods, released earlier this year, and that movie contained a momentary shot of a smallish Reaver, the villains of the Firefly movie Serenity.

UPDATE! The image in question has been debunked… sort of. What people think looks like the Serenity happens in a shot where Hawkeye holds up a pad with an image on it. The image looks a lot like the outline of the Serenity, but it’s labeled “iridium”. Apparently it’s supposed to be a rock… but it is a rock that is very much shaped like a Firefly class ship. Maybe that’s a coincidence… maybe not. Tell us what you think in the comments.


  1. Izzy says:

    More firefly now!

  2. Sarah says:

    I don’t remember seeing it, but I’m hoping to see the film again so I’ll try to keep an eye out for it.

  3. Lolly says:

    The only thing I can think of is about half an hour in, Hawkeye holds up a pad. On the screen is an image of a metallic element. As the image spins it looks like Serenity. Blink and you will miss it.

    • Clinton says:

      I watched it again this weekend and it was definitely a picture of a firefly class ship that hawkeye has on the pad. No doubt in my mind, I have firefly and the serenity movie on dvd and know that shape.

  4. Martin says:

    I saw the same. Hawkeye holds up a screen to Selvig. The main point is the doctor guy they’re tracking down. To the left of that was something that I’ve convinced myself was Serenity! Also, Black Widow stole some of River’s moves 😀

  5. I’ll have to watch out for this when I see it a second time on Wednesday

  6. Tony Quilici says:

    Has anyone watched the new Battlestar Galactica mini-series? When Lara Roslin is awaiting for her doctor, outside the windows there are ships flying around. One is Serenity coming in for a landing.

    • Kevin Baker says:

      The same special effects company (Zoic) did the work for both shows. I’m not sure if it’s been confirmed if it was an intentional easter egg, or simply the result of them not wanting to model and texture another ship.

      • Alyss says:

        it is intentional 🙂

        • SamuelVimes says:

          I’ve read somewhere that Serenity appears in EVERY episode of the new BSG. I’ve managed to confirm many episodes indeed, although “all” seems a bit of stretch to me.

  7. I have a picture of the image you speak of during the Iridium question that Hawkeye asks the doc, it’s not serenity, unfortunately, it’s a rock, that’s shaped awful lot like it though. I cannot think of a way I can post the pic without someone getting in trouble. And don’t ask how I got it….

  8. Well thanks to the good friends at piratebay I present Serenity — — — ish


    • Although it’s rotating and intentionally blurry, it’s supposed to be iridium (a rock) but it sure looks like the old girl.

    • John says:

      From that screen grab I’d say it isn’t serenity honestly i don’t think it looks anything like the old ship but maybe a clearer image or seeing it first hand would help me see it clearer.

  9. Alyss says:

    It may not be ‘serenity’ but I don’t think things like this are a coincidence with Joss. I spotted it RIGHT away, and don’t have a doubt that it is intentional.

  10. thegavel says:

    Hawkeye’s firing an arrow backwards (without looking) scene,,,,VERY River Tamm.

  11. i heard if you listen to the film backwards you can hear the serenity theme in the background…but i may just be insane

  12. With all the Firefly?Serenity references on Castle, I would NOT be surprised if I saw one in Avengers. lol

  13. John says:

    Personally i didn’t see that or notice if it was meant to be Serenity but then i usually always miss these little background things I’ve
    never seen if serenity was in the background on BSG I didn’t see the
    Han Solo in carbonite model that was supposedly in every episode of
    firefly. Never seen the pineapple on Psych i guess I’m just not paying enough attention.

  14. Some Guy says:

    What the @#$% is ‘Serenity’??

  15. Skeptic says:

    I think it is nothing, like when everyone was certain that the pots and pans hanging in Dr. Horrible were supposed to be Serenity. People are gonna see what they want to see.

  16. Kevin Bayer says:

    That’s what I thought it looked like when I saw it. But then, I think us fans of Firefly were looking for /anything/!

  17. drunkdude says:

    Don’t know about the Avengers Firefly homage but am I the only one who caught a Firefly class ship lifting into the air just prior to Education Bigwig/ Soon to be President What’sHerName getting the bad news about the big C during the Battlestar Galactica miniseries? Timeline and everything, yadda, yadda …. but it was there I swear! Way too often ….