Joss Whedon Is Abandoning Television For Good

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jossAfter the low ratings debut of yet another one of his well-crafted television series, I don’t think it’d surprise anyone to hear that mastermind of under appreciated sci-fi programming, Joss Whedon might be ready to call it quits on the whole television thing. And it seems that’s just what he’s doing, though the failure of of Dollhouse this past Friday has absolutely nothing to do with it.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, days before the Dollhouse premiere, Whedon talked about his intention of abandoning TV in favor of web content. After all, he had tremendous success with his Dr. Horrible series mid-last year. Why bother with the networks?

In the interview, while explaining why he’s ditching television, for good, Whedon also explains what it is that hooked him on web content in the first place. Apparently, it was an episode of the Star Trek web series New Frontiers which first really inspired him. He says, “The one that really got me was the Star Trek episode, the New Voyages, which was over an hour of film and extraordinarily artfully scripted entertainment that streamed perfectly. I’m not a trekker, and I was riveted. I was sitting on a stool in my kitchen, and I cannot move. I was like, this is amazing.”

For Joss, it sounds like moving everything to the web is the right movie. He explains, “I had been very interested in the idea of making things on the cheap with the people that I love and trust — low risk, medium yield kind of stuff where you can just do what you think is right and not have to worry.”

Interestingly, though Dollhouse was something of a ratings flop in it’s television debut on Friday, it scored huge in downloads via ITunes. In fact, according to FireFlyFans.net, at one point it was the most downloaded show on Apple’s online delivery system. So if Dollhouse gets yanked off the air in its infancy by Fox, don’t worry. Look for more Whedon genre genius coming soon on the web. Maybe that’s where he’s belonged all along.


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