Jeri Ryan Looks Smarmy In Helix’s First Season Teaser Trailer

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Last Friday, Syfy premiered the outbreak thriller Helix in a double-dose of black blood and genetically modified monkeys. In some ways, it was the best original output Syfy has given audiences in years, and in other ways it was par for the over-the-top course. (Read my lovingly detailed thoughts about the premiere here.) Given a lot of the footage seen in the series’ marketing campaign came from these first episodes, Syfy has now put out a “Super Trailer” featuring events from the rest of this first season. And in it we get a good look at Star Trek Jeri Ryan, star of Voyager, who plays a woman named Constance Sutton.

It seems like she’s one of the only characters we haven’t seen yet, but there are quite a lot of people making their home at Arctic Biosystems. In any case, she looks to be one of those behind the research being conducted there, as she is shown while Dr. Hatake is saying, “We have gone to great lengths to keep their secrets.” It obviously wasn’t Hatake behind it all, and it’s nice to see they won’t drag that side of the mystery out. Now we just need to know the why, and “Because I’m evil,” isn’t good enough.

It looks like a good chunk of the base’s population may soon come to a violent end, as the preview teases a giant mound of bloody bodies. Could this be the aftermath of the mass escape attempt? Probably. The best way to get rid of a bunch of characters to to get all those characters together and have a mutagen-infected human turn them all into skin-covered mulch.

The other two significant images seen in the video are the spooky-ass, blood-mouthed child holding her doll and the fact that armed and armored authorities show up to try and kick some infected ass. This storyline isn’t one that leaves a lot of room for heavy introspection, and I’m glad to see they’re invested in upping the ante on action. Or at least the ante for disgusting makeup.

Those with cable or satellite providers that match up with Syfy’s promotion can go and check out episode three on their website, and everyone else can check out a few stills of the episode below, followed by a clip. Just be sure and wash your hands after you watch it, since you don’t want to catch anything. Unless you want to catch something. If that’s the case, head to DreadCentral to see a few more.






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