Jabba’s Palace LEGO Set Is Racist, According To Turkish Community

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Not so long ago — currently, actually — in a galaxy not so far away — it’s our own — racism is alive and well. You don’t really have to look too hard or too far to find it, and it is indeed a scourge of humanity. But I’m not sure LEGO is one of the bigger offenders out there.

The Turkish Cultural Community of Austria is tearing LEGO a new Sarlacc pit, calling the company’s “Jabba’s Palace” toy set racially disrespectful to the Asian community, both in setting and for the characters involved. First, they say the palace and watchtower themselves, hotbeds for idolatry and hedonism, bear an unwanted resemblance to the 4th century Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul, as well as the 7th century Jami’ al-Kabir in Beirut.

Behold, the bloated face of racism.

Behold, the bloated face of racism.

The TCCA also has a problem with Jabba, who “likes to smoke a hookah and have his victims killed.” They go on to say the scene, which also includes Jabba’s gun-toting guards, portrays “Orientals and Asians as sneaky and criminal personalities (slaveholders, leaders of criminal organizations, terrorists, criminals, murderers, human sacrifice).” Holy shit! They say the Gamorrean tower guard represents an Islamic prayer leader as a “criminal with an ax and rifle.” It’s a good thing they didn’t see the “Made in China” imprint on the bottom.

If it bears a passing resemblance to those two historic buildings, which it does, it’s almost certainly either a coincidence or just an appeal to the unique design aesthetic of each, rather than a demoralizing insinuation of hatred. I’ve never had to defend a plastic toy guard from Turkish people before, and I’m not about to start now. The TCCA is calling for LEGO to make a public apology, and is considering taking legal action. I don’t want to consider the ramifications if LEGO’s lawyers happen to be short and colored yellow.


  1. Alphastorm says:

    You lost me with the last line of this article. Now THAT is racist.

  2. Estepahead says:

    What the Turkish seem to forget is that Hagia Sophia was originally built by the Byzantines, who were Christians, so if anyone should be offended I guess it would be Christians.

  3. Sargonarhes says:

    words fail me.

  4. bhak1 says:

    Shouldn’t they be asking for an apology from Lucas… err Disney? It’s not like Lego designed it. (I think the whole thing is ridiculous… but I’m just saying).

  5. Al Pa says:

    i dont think its a valid argument for them caus yes lego licensed a lucas art product from 30 years ago almost, and noowww they blame them for what?! oh thats right, thier in austria, not turkey, and yet they call it rascist? because they made a playset from a very well known scene from a film, that is very popular that kids actualy like and improves thier view of giant green slugs since kids like slugs to begin with, and now thier upset that terrorists basicly are acting obscenelyl captureing people killing them and ooh yes… they have desert hideouts some of which are likely as not palaces including sadam husein who had many palaces, so to think that maybe a gangster on a desert world would build a fortress palace to kill people in for his amusement is not on the scale of possiblities if you had a space faring society, that is far fetched considering hte terrible things people do just caus they can without conseqauence

  6. Al Pa says:

    but i sort of understand i think its a mix of things thier offended at the solemnety of religious icons violated ok thier is that, on the other hand art of buildings is a beauty thats not limited to religion its something that everyone tends to aim for in thier own way when they construct a home or a icon for thier ideals, and they have a culture thats on the edge of not only self destruction but harming other cultures and they are afraid that thier culture could die either from self inflicted trauma and gaining no assistance from outside to survive or from annialation from the inside out or from the outside annialating it in an attempt to stem the decay of destructive forces in their countries, perhaps they jsut want to give a shout out to get help from the world to help thier culture survive not to destroy legos
    just a thought etc :/

  7. Edward says:

    they need to chill out.

  8. saw says:

    Um… how can you call it racist, if none of the races depicted exist on Earth? I mean… Isn’t this taking place a long time ago, and in a different galaxy? These are Tattoinites, and such, no? Not “Asians”.

  9. Jeff the irritable says:

    Well, they can get offended all they want, but it’ll never hold up in court. They have no valid reason to blame Lego, because Jabba’s palace has always been that way. Who the hell makes satirical playsets? Even if Jabba was origionally a characature of a corrupt asian in Lucas’s mind, it’s been over thirty years, the image is very blurred since that thought. Heck, I always thought of him as more of a mafia don. There’s plenty of corrupt brits (ahem, an entire Empire) and others (trade federation, I guess they might be considered asians too) in the films. You’ve GOT to have a few villains, and it doesn’t matter where they stem from. It’s more interesting to see hookahs and temples in sci fi than suburbs and spliffs. (if it makes any odds to them, Jabba isn’t the original owner, of course. Don’t forget the brain-in-jar monks) And yeah, some of the cultures and aliens will be based on people or cultures from our planet, how else can we comprehend or invent them? No, they’re not meant to be asians. If they were being mocked they’d be wearing those conical hats and have silly accents or something. And even then it’s no worse than you get on television today. The gamorrean is a mere pig guard, not some corrupt prayer leader. There is no religion there other than the spider droid. And as I recall they’re plotting to get Bib Fortuna’s brain. AGH! This is why we can’t have nice things!

    • Ultim8 says:

      “Even if Jabba was origionally a characature of a corrupt asian in Lucas’s mind”…. Sorry Jeff, Jabba was originally a relatively fat WHITE guy in a fur Vest. I’ve seen the footage.

  10. Gillian Kratzer says:

    And they call Jabba a terrorist, is the thing that really sticks in my craw. I mean, really? If you think Jabba the Hutt is a terrorist then either a.) You have never seen Star Wars or b.) you fundamentally misunderstand what a terrorist is. Jabba the Hutt is a crime boss. He’s in it for the money. He doesn’t want to terrorize people into doing things, unless it involves getting him money. And also, get bent at Lucasfilm, but get bent about 30 years ago, because that’s when Jabba’s palace was introduced to the world at large. You’re a bit late on the uptake there, my friends.

  11. Marsja Dortland says:

    Oh good Lord, aren’t these muslims just tired of complaining at
    everything? Oh wait… you’re just 30 years late you douchebags. What
    are you going to do now, invade LucasArts and behead George Lucas? But hey, I’m just eating a falafel sandwich, maybe that’s racist too.

  12. JessSayin says:

    Someone on the other side of the world is offended by toys made on the OTHER side of the world. I find that offensive.