First Ever Iron Man 2 Clip

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iron man 2 clipThe first, full scene from Iron Man 2 has just popped up online. It’s an extended version of the party scene you’ve seen in the trailer. Get more of the Iron Man dancers, get more Tony Stark, get more Iron Man 2 awesomeness by watching Tony Stark crash his own party here:


  1. Achshar says:

    ok that was so freakin awsome!

  2. robbdc1 says:

    That trailer was stupid.

  3. louierippo99 says:

    ROTFL, yeah dude that is pretty funny!


  4. anomaly says:

    thank god this was…… leaked……

  5. Nada Nuff says:

    Stark should be embarrassed for all of that grandstanding. I understand that's the character, but c'mon–Iron models?

    This movie will still be good, though.

    • JT says:

      Like you said though, that's the character. He's over the top. He's a grandstander. That's part of the fun of Tony.