Iron fist netflix: characters and cameo appearances

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One of the my personal favourite Marvel Netflix show is Iron Fist. He has never appeared in a live action series before and I am excited to see how the KunLun Master will be portrayed on screen. Like many other superheroes, Iron Fist features a wide ranging supporting characters and I look forward to seeing all of them but below are my top 5 preferences!


Steel Serpent

steel serpent
Steel Serpent is the arch nemesis of Iron Fist. You can see him as the Joker equivalent if Iron Fist is Batman. This character has similar powers to our hero and holds a gauge towards him for taking away what he believes is his birth right i.e. to become the Iron Fist. There is a lot of bad blood between the two and it would bring up the drama well if he is featured as the main villain for Netflix’s TV show.


Daughter of Dragon

Daughter of Dragon
Consist of Colleen Wing and Misty Knight, this duo female team features prominently in many of Iron Fist’s adventures. For those who might not know, Misty Knight is also the love interest of Iron Fist although the two of them have an on off relationship. Adding them to the show would satisfy a much needed female presence.


Immortal Weapons

immortal weapons
In the well review series, Iron Fist:the Immortal Weapon, Iron Fist was revealed to be only one of the 8 Immortal weapons that exist in the world. The story then told of how there were different groups that exist in the heavens with different martial art expertise. They meet once in a generation to determine which city can appear on Earth. It will be super cool if this storyline was somewhere bought to screen and we got to see all the Immortal Weapons live on screen.


Other Iron Fists

Other Iron Fists
When Iron Fist was first introduced, we thought he was unique. However, in the Book of Iron Fist, it was later shown that every generation always have a Iron Fist. It will be cool if the show can portray some of the more interesting Iron Fists in the show. I remember there was even a pirate queen if my memory did not fail me…


Shou-Lao the Undying

Shou-Lao the Undying
The source of Iron Fist’s power, Shou Lao is a dragon that reappears every generation to pass the power of Iron Fist to the right individual. Although seeing a dragon might be a stretch but shows such as Game of Thrones have shown that this is possible. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see that scene where Danny Rand defeats Shou Lao and becomes the Iron Fist?

These are my favorite characters and cameos for Iron Fist Netflix show. How about yours?


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