Don’t Believe The Stargate Hype: SG-1 Is Not Being Resurrected

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Stargate is without question the most successful science fiction franchise of the modern era, but it left the airwaves with no hope of a return when Stargate Universe was cancelled in 2011. So it’s understandable that fans might get a little excited when the show’s official facebook group posts something like this:

Wow what a day! Tonight the Stargate Convention in Vancouver, is buzzing with excitement about an earlier announcement made by independent producer, Darren Thomas. Fans were treated to previously unreleased news about MGM’s collaboration on a new SG-1 App designed for smart phones and tablets. The scoop from Thomas is that MGM is reviving SG-1 albeit in a new format- music to the ears of many fans around the world. Thomas didn’t want to divulge more, but he did say that “plans are underway and I wish I could tell you more. The good news is that we will be unveiling something big at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego”. But in the meantime stay tuned for more information right here on the SG-1 official MGM page.

That paragraph is just confusing enough to prompt fans to think that maybe, just maybe, MGM might be bringing back SG-1 as a series. And in response, Stargate fans have been posting excitedly all day about the possible return of the series. Unfortunately, they’re being tricked.

The truth is, sadly, that it’s all just PR spin to lure fans into buying some sort of Stargate themed iPhone app. There are no plans at all to bring back Stargate. Fans who were actually at the Vancouver Stargate Convention where this was supposedly announced have confirmed to us that nothing at all was said about bringing back the show. Just an iPhone/iPad app which lets you take a virtual tour of the show’s command center SGC. That’s right, it’s not even a Stargate game. Just some sort of walkthrough app, which, they will no doubt charge for.

And if that’s not enough to debunk this terrible marketing manipulation, you don’t have to take my word for it. Stargate SG-1 star Michael Shanks, who played Daniel Jackson on the show, tweeted the following in response to excited messages from fans…

judging from the info i have read today, my “GUESS” is: its most likely an interactive game of some sort. I am NOT involved at this point

Unfortunately just about the only realistic shot Stargate has of ever getting back into production is if fans are able to convince Netflix to do what they did for Arrested Development and resurrect the show for airing on their streaming service. For more info on how you can help convince them to make that happen read our full article right here.


  1. That’s just wrong…no matter how you look at it. How could they do that to the loyal fans.

  2. Ted Hong says:

    I don’t care what people say: SGU was the best of the lot and most fans never gave it the chance it deserved. If they do bring back (at any point) any of the SG franchises…this would be the easiest as they don’t even have to have the original cast.

    • heronymo says:

      I like SG1 and SGU for different reasons, but I definitely agree that they should bring back SGU if they’re going to bring back any of them. At least some kind of mini series to close it off, or something. It was awesome.

  3. Stargate died when O’niell left anyway.

  4. Natalie says:

    I could never get into SG-1 or SGU, SGA was my favorite! Sucks that they are trying to get one over on the fans though…

  5. Squisy says:

    At this point bringing back the shows seems a bit hopeless except for maybe SGU. I would be happy to just have the Atlantis movie come out.

  6. majicm9 says:

    I say boycott the app. I don’t appreciate them trying to make thinking that it is okay to trick us. And SGU was good, it was just different.

  7. scififan says:

    Wait a sec….they could bring back SG as a continuation or a new series anytime of its done right. SGU was canceled because it SUCKED. They tried to give it feel of another crap Sci-fi channel show otherwise known as Battlestar Galactica…tried to be too hip/edgy and if FAILED just like BSG. Both should have had 10 year runs and would have if it hadn’t been for horrible scripts and pretentious stories.

  8. Yootha says:

    There has been enough Stargate. Let it go. Time for something new.