Hungry Hungry Hippos Vid Parodies Syfy’s Saturday-Night Movies

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The upcoming Battleship movie is like every punchline about Hollywood’s creative bankruptcy given physical form. Rather than actually taking a chance on an original screenplay, the Powers That Be will latch hold of any existing property — any at all. Monopoly. The Ouija board. The Magic friggin’ 8-Ball. Personally, I’m really looking forward to a buddy comedy about two rogue cops named Chutes and Ladders.

This new trend also provides an opportunity for Syfy to refresh their Saturday-night programming line-up. After years of cheesy, low-budget movies based on every possible combination of cryptozoological creatures, mythical monsters, and nasty natural disasters, why not follow Hollywood’s lead and raid the cast-offs of family game night for fodder? The results might look something like this. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Movie.



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