Almost Human May Be On The Verge Of Cancellation

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almost humanWell here’s a bit of bad news, if prognostications by industry insiders are correct, one of our most promising new genre shows could be on the chopping block. According to people who have made a livelihood out of predicting such things, Almost Human, Fox’s sci-fi police procedural could be facing cancellation at the end of this, its first season.

In a recent article tracking the most current ratings data, TV By the Numbers has classified the latest endeavor from creators J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman as “likely to be cancelled.” While the ratings haven’t been particularly awful, the show, which the network put a lot of hype behind, hasn’t lit the world on fire either.

The article also cites a number of other factors that could play into cancellation. The network ordered 13 episodes, but, at the present time, hasn’t ordered any additional installments. In addition to that, the show is getting bumped from its current time slot in favor of the more highly rated Bones, which, before being moved to make way for Almost Human, had been in the Monday night, 8 pm spot for years. While none of this is definite, moves like this have traditionally been indicators that a series is not long for this world.

If events do transpire like the article predicts, it wouldn’t be the first time a Wyman-Abrams joint has met an untimely early demise. Wyman’s last gig as showrunner of Fringe was prematurely taken away from its rabid fan base. It lasted five seasons and was given a chance to wrap things up, but there were still so many more cases to explore, and it was still gone well before its time.

As fun as Almost Human has been, the show has never really broken out of the standard episodic procedural mode. It’s fine, but even with all the futuristic world building that the series employs, you could be watching any of dozens of cops shows. Karl Urban as detective John Kennex, and Michael Ealy as his android partner Dorian, are good together, and they’ve developed a fantastic chemistry and rapport over the first 9 episodes.

Thus far, Almost Human has been made up of almost entirely self-contained episodes. While Fringe definitely started out this way, where week-to-week each episode didn’t have a huge impact on the one that followed, there was always a larger narrative. Each episode was its own story, but there was also more in play. Interpersonal relationships between characters developed over the course of multiple episodes, even seasons, and story lines played out over a number of weeks. It’s one of those shows that if you missed an episode, or watched them out of order, you skipped over something important. You could still keep pace with the show, but there was something lost.

Even though Almost Human has larger elements, like the Insyndicate, that appear in multiple episodes, it hasn’t really arrived there yet. We’re still feeling the ripple effect of the crew trying to break into the evidence locker at the police station, but aside from that, there haven’t many story lines building up over the season. You keep thinking that something will start brewing between Kennex and Detective Valerie Stahl (Minka Kelly), but that hasn’t materialized.

Basically, Almost Human hasn’t started to live up to its massive potential. I’m all for shows taking the time to ease into it, but with only four episodes left, and with the specter of cancellation now looming large, we have to hope that it doesn’t take much longer.

What do you think? Want to keep Almost Human on the air? Click here to tell Fox NOT to cancel it!


  1. Mark Woodhead says:

    Fox should do the rest of the world a favor and stop even bidding on promising new sci-fi shows. They’ve proved over and over again that whenever given a hot new property that breaks the mold with innovation or great writing, they will just cancel it in the first season, and ruin any chance it had through their consistent bungling and lack of foresight.

    I really liked that show, and the storyline was coming along nicely.

    • Vahnex says:

      I really wanting this show to succeed. In all honesty it was fast becoming my favorite current show. But as with almost every sci-fi show it gets screwed over , by trashy shows or terrible ones like Bones. God who watch’s that crap fest?

    • Jean-François Martel says:

      or they’ll give them a second season but move it to Friday halfway through without much advertisement leaving many believing it has been canceled already, assuring it’s imminent cancellation (TSCC, still bitter about this).

    • Masterpieceinme says:

      Does anyone else think maybe they do it on purpose so that no one else gets to enjoy a successful show? They take it on to ensure a failure that would otherwise make someone else a profit?

  2. DJ Jarak says:

    I blame Fox for not airing the episodes in order as they’ve done with many other shows in the past. I remember when they did it with Titus, which led to the show’s cancellation.

  3. who cares says:

    They killed off Brimstone early too and that was a great show..Firefly too

  4. Just Jay says:

    I don’t watch alot of T.V. but when I do I watch Almost Human

  5. Bosco says:

    Are you kidding me!?! This is the best Sci-fi show on TV right now! Nothing even comes close. The robocop movie isn’t even as good as this show. I am waiting and can’t wait to get to the point in the series where the story continues from episode to episode. It’s only just beginning. This show will be legendary, why cancel it now!?!?

  6. AAschmidt says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Why do these ratings junkies demand immediate success from ideas that they insist on meddling in????? I hate FOX.

  7. 21149315 says:

    I don’t believe FOX knows what it wants. They either want to be a network known for crude comedy or gritty crime dramas that grow mold.

    Only way to steer them in the right direction is to send email to askfox and try to get those ratings up, DVRd and trending on Twitter. The Olympics are hitting every network so it isn’t going to be easy. FOX is currently the only broadcast that is even airing new episodes during such a crucial month.

  8. daen says:

    Is this in response to the Almost Human dropping during the Olympics? It got a 1.6 while every other network was too scared to air new content against the ratings juggernaut that is the Olympics and prior to this the show was stabilizing? I guess we will see what FOX is up to seeing it has renewed shows with way worse demos i.e Glee, Mindy Project, etc…. Maybe if FOX allowed their shows to grow people would stick around more…

  9. Mike says:

    for, christ-sakes not another one. It’s no Firefly but they sure know how to cancel cult shows, you know the ones that the fans by tonnes of merchandise for!

  10. Dimitry Drado says:

    In Russia you don’t watch Almost Human. Almost human watches you!

    Dear Fox, I humbly urge you not to cancel this splendid show, that so many of us have grown accustomed to. It has so many promises to offer. I understand that all you care about is money and profit on the pocket but please reconsider. You won’t regret it.

  11. sounder says:

    I’m not surprised. A sci-fi show needs a strong internet following first before it can succeed on television. Almost Human didn’t have that.
    Content makers need to build their online base first.

  12. Marek Ginett says:

    HBO should start doing some nice sci-fi show… cyberpunk or space opera? They seem to have tendency to either sticking to them or making them a consisted one season storyline.

  13. VincentVonDudler says:

    The longer story arc of Kennex’s memory recollection isn’t developing fast/interestingly enough. Also I really don’t like the actress Lili Taylor. Would be nice to see her character die off to show the TV audience that the show takes itself seriously. I think some of the guest stars are miscast as well. The Dr. Nigel Vaughn character is interesting but I think John Larroquette was a miscast. I would have preferred someone with a less sinister, more benevolent, but potentially unhinged look – maybe William Sanderson? John Hurt? Or just some no name with the features I described would have been better imo.

  14. AJ says:

    Give it to Netflix and let it soar… no commercials, more storyline potential.
    Fox should never have had this in the first place… that said, I feel the setting fundamentally flaws the show. The reality of writing crime stories on a weekly basis in a futuristic real-world setting is very difficult, because you have to come up with new technologies in order to make the crimes plausible, but once you’ve introduced these technologies, they’re part of the canon for the show.

    For example, the ‘flash’ masks… why doesn’t every thief use those?
    The DNA bomb… why doesn’t every criminal use those?
    The holographic masks… why doesn’t every thief use those?

    Once you introduce these to the universe, why wouldn’t every case have these technologies used in them?

  15. Eva- Spirit Whisperer says:

    love this show…there are so few really good shows out there that once a network gets their hands on it they have to ruin it by saying that it might be cancelled…

  16. Steve K Nistuk says:

    Fox is useless, Space Above and Beyond, Terminator, Furturama, Firefly Star gate Atlantis are all awesome shows that where canceled For garbge like Family guy and the cleave land show.

  17. Shogunorta says:

    Eh, if the show was REALLY going to get cancelled then they wouldn’t even tell us this. As things stand I bet the show is more close to ALMOST – Almost – almost getting cancelled. They just want to rile the fan base and keep AH from falling off the cliff. This is how Fringe was in Season 3! Fringe went on for 2 more seasons even after things seemed so dire. I bet AH isn’t going anywhere. This is just the first shot across the bow.

    • Shogunorta says:

      Although, I admit…Fringe went through this in Season 3. AH is only what, 10 episodes in? So I dunno…

  18. Joey Ortiz says:

    I hope fox will be smart and give the show affair chance and at least give it a second season, the show deserves it as did Tru Calling but never got. in stead fox need to cancel some of there reality shows, way to many,

  19. Amber Gengenbach says:

    FOX needs to go suck it. I boycotted them for YEARS because of their useless crap and now will get to forget boycott (cause boycotts usually end at some point an this won’t) just cut it out of my chanel line up completely. Worthless crap eating substandard waste of space “network” can sell or drop everything and just disappear for all I care cause we all know that because this show is good and not one of 50 versions of CSI or some other worthless junk it’ll get cut. Then what? there is nothing left on tv and especially nothing left on FOX.