The Honest Trailer For James Cameron’s Avatar

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Movie trailers are supposed to do two things: give you a glimpse of a new movie you’re excited for or sell you on a new movie you have no idea about. Either way, it’s a piece of promotion that will bring you back to the movie theater. But what happens if the movie trailer tells you exactly what you’re going to get in the movie? In other words, an honest trailer.

In a series of web trailers, Screen Junkies, have made a whole series of “Honest Trailers” for popular movies like Twilight, Transformers and Titanic. This go around features different James Cameron film, Avatar from 2009. The highest grossing movie of all-time gets a fitting Honest Trailer with an announcer that describes everything you’re really going to see…

Describing Avatar as an epic “that raised ticket prices by three-whole-dollars” is a pretty apt description, which probably led to its $2.7 billion box office. The trailer goes on to describe Avatar’s hackneyed plot and characters, its strange sexual undertones and its not-too-subtle message of environmental conservation. Obviously, this is taken to be really tongue-in-cheek. Don’t worry Avatar fans, these aren’t the reasons why this movie is one of the greatest of all-time.

The best line in this trailer is “They will learn. Military bad. Trees good.” This should’ve been the tagline of Avatar instead of the lame “Enter the World.”

But despite its recycled premise and really simple story, Avatar is not a movie we watch for its narrative or plot. We watch it for its amazing world and visuals. James Cameron managed to take us to place we’ve never seen or been before. He sparked our imagination, which is why Avatar is a great movie. After all, do we really want James Cameron to give us another Terminator movie after Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines and Terminator: Salvation?


  1. Cameron took us to world we’ve never seen before? Funny, I’ve seen it before. I saw it before in NausicaƤ. I guess he thought it was OK to RIP OFF a Japanese movie for the look while he ripped of several other movies for EXACTLY THE SAME STORYLINE. AVATAR isn’t a good movie, it’s a collection of lame ripped off material.
    By the way, it’s also intellectually insulting: it promotes a view of history that is a blatant LIE.

    • thefirethistime says:

      Lots of U.S. ‘great’ or all-time top movies have been ripped off. Kimba The White Lion, for $200, please.

    • baobabs says:

      If you want to pretend the navi are american indians then go ahead. But to complain about “history” in a sci fi movie set in the future is kind of strange.

      • Jayli Thomas says:

        Amen Baobabs. “Here I’m going to whine about showing us history in a movie that doesn’t even take place current day.. or on Earth!” :eye roll: He probably hates movies that have anything to do period with any sort of history. I’d love to hear him whine about the new US version of Oldboy.

  2. the amazing spider-man movie trailer

  3. tlalok says:

    I still preferred Avatar as its original incarnation. You might know it as Ferngully.