Harrison Ford Willing To Be Han Solo Again In Star Wars Episode VII

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Harrison Ford is willing to reprise his role as Han Solo in the new Star Wars movie in 2015. The role of Han Solo launched Ford’s career in Hollywood so it would be fitting to see him put on the holster and vest again.

After the announcement that Star Wars: Episode VII was on its way in only 3 years, some wondered if the original cast would be involved with the new movie. EW.com reports that Harrison Ford is “open to the idea” if he’s needed for the new film. Sources also say the 70-year-old actor is “upbeat about” reprising the iconic space pirate role.

Harrison Ford would take the role in Star Wars: Episode VII if he read the script, met the director, and had a good death scene. If all of these elements were in play then Ford would be open to be in the film. Also, if Disney would drive a dump truck full of money to his front door. Harrison Ford is notorious for taking roles strictly for the paycheck (Cowboys & Aliens anyone?).

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were also approached to also reprise their roles as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia in the new Star Wars movie so if Disney lands Harrison Ford too then the transformation will be complete. We’ll have a continuation of Return of the Jedi on our hands.

In the past Ford has distanced himself from the Star Wars Saga. He often says in interviews that Han Solo was not one of his favorite roles to play and that he wanted the character to die at the end of The Empire Strikes Back in 1980. But Lucasfilm drove a dump truck full of money to his front door to star in Return of The Jedi in 1983, so he did.

Two years ago, Harrison Ford attended an anniversary screening of The Empire Strikes Back in Hollywood. He said it was the first time in 30 years since he last saw the picture and then felt he should start to embrace the series. In 2008, Ford reprised his role as Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull. It was the first time he’d played that role in 19 years so it wouldn’t be out of the line to see Ford back in the Millennium Falcon for Star Wars: Episode VII.


  1. Reprise the role? Who else could play it?

  2. Russ Nolan says:

    A death scene, Ford clearly hasn’t read the books then.

    • Of course not. He’s clearly not a fan, and obviously wouldn’t care about the books. That doesn’t take anything away from the performance though. Although the books are considered “canon” at the moment, the movies are going to take an entirely new direction. And that’s actually a good idea, since otherwise we’d have tons of spoilers in our hands already. It’s like going to see Empire Strikes Back knowing what’s going to happen in the end.They are their own seperate entities, the books and the films. And they have to be, no matter how “official” the books were. I haven’t read them, only some of the comic book adaptations (liked “Shadows of the Empire”). They were in themselves the later episodes, but making them again as movies might not be commercially viable. So it’s a question of either pleasing just the hard core fans, or also, the rest of the population. I don’t consider myself that hard core, although I do have the original trilogy as six different versions, 2 * in VHS, 3 * in DVD and one time in Blu-ray 😀

      • Jack says:

        Focusing on pleasing the population is the worst idea for any entertainment franchise! Are you kidding?!? Star Wars is Star Wars, don’t dumb it down or render it generic to appeal to non-fans. If you don’t like SW don’t watch it! Same goes for every other franchise!
        I’m happy you managed to read a comic version of Shadows of the Empire, however you missed most of the juice by skipping the book. There is a reason the book is ten times larger with nothing but words. I own both, & read both, & can say all this with certainty. You should also try to find the soundtrack, since it is the only book to ever get one.
        Your opinion is weak since you basically know absolutely nothing about the expanded universe. READ the stories before you claim they are not comercially viable. You quite literally have no idea what the stories are. So what exactly are you talking about again? The stories after Return of the Jedi are far better than any SW movie we have seen including the prequels.

        • Jack says:

          Oh yeah I also forgot to mention… your notion of knowing what will happen in the end is ridiculous. Shadows of the Empire exists between the classic movies,& The Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy exists both before & after Jedi. Those books are completely awesome despite knowing the so called ending. Knowing the overall story does not ruin how we got there, unless the writer has no talent.

          Go buy or get those books from the library & you will find your statement to be 100% false. Even though you already read the comic version of Shadows, you will still love the book better despite already knowing the ending.

      • Derek Jacobs says:

        Figures you know nothing about Star Wars.

    • Jack says:

      He wanted the death scene before there ever were books. Besides that, Solo is not immortal, he will die one day. As much as I love Han, if they can kill Yoda,& they can kill Darth Vader, then Han Solo can die.

    • Since when do movies follow books??

  3. this is the same actor who said during the filming of Crystal Skull that “Indy’s costume is better than Han Solo’s.” Which as a costumer I never really understood. This is also the man who said on national TV(around the time of “Regarding Henry) that he “wanted to be doing something 2 or 3 steps ahead of what people thought he was doing.” Which I thought was the ol’ Solo cockiness at still trying different roles. But one of the things I learned while in L.A. was not to confuse the artist with the work. We”ll see how this all plays out..but Star Wars wouldn’t be much of anything without John Williams scoring it. THAT would mollify my disgruntled inner fan.

    • LOL, on what planet does his simple SW handy man outfit with plastic blaster beat a archeologist with real gun and real word whip talent? Dude, no way are you and actual “costumer”…customer maybe.

  4. Mike_Sweeney says:

    I dont want to remember them as being old and obese, I think they should move forward in time to where they are either dead or there older kids have taken over. Also Please no CGI versions of them either. Im so sick of CGI’ing the hell out of everything.

  5. Hell ya. Never Ever try to recast these people. It is blasphemy.

  6. Bet Mark Hamill is excited since he hasnt had anything since his last sw film.

  7. Hass Kano says:

    Da wanga, Ree, Stupa Han Solo.