Best Halloween Costumes for Sci-Fi Fans – 2015

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Want to dress up this Halloween as your favorite superhero or sci-fi character? Well, we’ve gone through all of the best Halloween costumes for 2015 and selected some of our favorites. So, if you’re looking for ideas this year, keep reading and maybe you’ll find the perfect sci-fi Halloween costume this year.

Here’s a quick run down of what you can buy this year for adults and kids Halloween costumes:

2015 Arkham Knight Halloween Costumes


By far, my favorite set of costumes this year are the Arkham Knight ones. They managed to perfectly capture that grittiness that you’d expect from these characters. And the Harley Quinn costume is exceptionally awesome cause it is both sexy and a little bit scary. As expected, these costumes are only available in adult sizes – click here to order now while they’re still in stock!

2015 Guardians of the Galaxy Halloween Costumes


I also really like the costume selection for Guardians of the Galaxy. The Groot costume is really awesome! They make two different ones and the more expensive one is probably one of the best movie costumes that I have ever seen – you could even use it for cosplay, that is how nice that it is. Also, they make these costumes for both adults and kids. Some are already sold out though – order here while they’re still in stock!

2015 Star Wars Halloween Costumes


The selection of Star Wars costumes for this Halloween gives you a lot of great options. You’ll find a lot of Star Wars Force Awakens Halloween costumes, as well as other Star Wards costumes for both adults and kids. There are even a few Star Wars pets costumes available right now! Click here for the full selection.

These are just some of my favorites for Halloween 2015. Have you seen a costume that you love and want to share? Drop it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


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