Guardians Of The Galaxy Director In Hot Water Over Superhero Sex Poll

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It should be no shock to anyone that the director behind the movie Slither and the TV series PG Porn has a sexually charged sense of humor. But what is shocking is that Disney hired James Gunn to direct the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel without thinking that this provocateur wouldn’t ruffle any feathers for the Mouse House (not to mix metaphors).

Back in 2011, Gunn conducted a poll on his website regarding “The 50 Superheroes You Most Want to Have Sex With.” Fans of Gunn probably wouldn’t be surprised at the content, but some of the wordage and imagery used in Gunn’s commentary could offend some. With Gunn in the spotlight thanks to his Guardians gig, the ladies at The Mary Sue — a “guide to girl geek culture” — have drawn attention to Gunn’s apparent attitude towards female and gay superheroes.

The piece takes offense at Gunn’s use of “slut-shaming” the female superheroes, as well as his use of anti-gay language in reference to the male ones. This whole situation is reminiscent of comments made by director Brett Ratner a year ago when he was set to produce the Academy Awards ceremony for ABC. He was fired for using the word “fags” in reference to rehearsal. Here’s a small piece of what James Gunn said on his website in 2011:

“for those men that love rude bitches, (Emma Frost) the white queen is the way”

(on Natasha Romanoff) “considering she’s fucked half the guys in the marvel universe, that’s quite a feat”

(on Elektra) “she’ll give you a nice, ninja-trained blow job”

(on Black Canary) “i used to think she was the hottest chick in the dcu, but then i remembered that she fucks green arrow”

(on Dazzler) “a friggin’ great vagina”

(on Kitty Pryde) “i want to anally do her”

(on choice of art for Jade) “i picked the one with the big tits”

(on Batwoman) “i’m hoping for a dc-marvel crossover so that tony stark can turn her; she could also have sex with nightwing and still be a lesbian”

calls Tigra “easy” for no discernible reason, along with calling Stephanie Brown that because she’s a single mother

says that he’ll blow a load onto Jessica Drew’s face so he doesn’t have to look at her.

Obviously, James Gunn has every right to say any and all of this, but there may be some consequences for voicing these opinions, especially when he finds himself working for the Mouse. This likely wouldn’t be a story if Gunn wasn’t representing the Disney and Marvel brand of family-friendly entertainment, and the idea that their employees should reflect this sort of squeaky-clean sensibility. That said, this poll was conducted over a year ago, long before Gunn signed on for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Is what James Gunn said offensive? Yes. Is it tasteless and juvenile? Yes. Should Gunn apologize? Maybe. Should he be fired? As a director, James Gunn is certainly competent enough to helm Guardians of the Galaxy, but if Disney doesn’t want this sort of attention associated with their brand, they certainly might.

I recommend reading the piece on TheMarySue.com and the poll results on James Gunn’s website (although the original post was taken down yesterday, it’s still on Google Cache), and then make up your own mind.


  1. jfd. says:

    he’s clearly a sad little man, I would rather have someone who has a modicum of intelligence and actual respect from the genre to direct. This guy clearly has no respect for the characters (especially the female ones) so shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near any project. Someone who has the offensive attitude towards women like he does should just retire to his cabin in the woods so he can shield us all from his particular low-brow brand of stupid, sexist contrite humour that is about as humourless as punching a kitten and putting it on youtube. Someone this pathetic should be retired to do nothing but posting sad little sexist vignettes on youtube because that is clearly all he is competent and mature enough to do.

    • imaginarysorrow says:

      so if i found his blog funny does that make me a sexist too…. i’m a 30 year old bisexual female if that helps you decide if i am or not…. Its a funny piece about fictional COMIC book characters that are overly sexualized 90% of the time… most of the female characters have huge breasts and have had sex with almost every male character in their universes..

      • jfd. says:

        so surely having someone in charge of the project who isn’t a complete bigot and can actually do something other than just sexualise the female characters would be beneficial. If I want to watch a film that is little more than crude jokes made about tits and arses then I’ll watch yet another tedious and cliche college campus film. This is the guy I’d suggest for a Van Wilder franchise film because of his immature humour, not a marvel film. I’d much prefer to have ALL of the characters depicted with a modicum of sense and less of a machismo sack of crap attitude.

    • Lucian says:

      blah blah blah blah blah.

    • BeakieHelmet says:

      Can you name any women in the GotG without using google?

    • James Vetzal says:

      i also don’t see how jokes about sex makes somebody immediately immature, there’s nothing inherently immature about making jokes and sex is an extraordinarily important part of the world, human beings and life, it only makes sense to make jokes about it

  2. [A] says:

    the ladies over THE MARY SUE are waaay to uptight — and most of the times they’ll toss around the word “rape” just to get attention and points in an argument

  3. Harland says:

    This is the most idiotic thing I have ever read on the internet in my entire life. He’s just talking about some comic book characters not some real life people They’re just fictional beings somebody made up.

  4. Lucian says:

    Are the comments juvenile? Yes, and over the top.
    Apologize? … to whom? what for?
    Should Gunn be fired? Why, because he made a stupid joke? Sure, let’s fire a good director because he made a stupid joke way before he signed with Disney/Marvel.
    Here, give this ointment to the butthurt losers out there.
    Easy: don’t like, don’t read it.

    TheMarySue?? … please.

    • Echelon says:

      Amen, it may be vulgar and juvenile, but there are several generations worth of people out there who eat that shit up. If he says and does things like that while working for the Mouse then yeah, they’ll probably kick him to the curb. They have morals and ethics and what not…. pffffffft!!

  5. Chuckles says:

    The biggest issue here is that these “jokes” one are not funny