Giant Freakin Update – Fanboys, Children of Men, Transformers, Halo, And More

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I could be finishing up my review of Timothy Zahn’s latest Star Wars novel, but instead I’m doing this: Giving you loyal GFR stompers a quick recap of all the sci-fi related stories we missed in the last week or so, probably because I was too busy obsessing over the impending return of Battlestar Galactica. Can you blame me? Ron Moore’s show is awesome.

Rapid fire laser blasts:

– Frank Darabont’s attempt to turn Fahrenheit 451 into a movie took a hit this week. Tom Hanks, who had been attached to the project, ditched it. From his comments, Darabont seems to think this has all but killed the project.

Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick is turning Children of Men into a TV series. It’s already been an amazing movie done by Alfonso Cuaron, and now Eick is taking another shot adapting it. It’s hard to imagine he’ll be able to top Cuaron’s film, but I’m dying to see what he comes up with.

Transformers 2 may be stockpiling cars to begin shooting. This site scored pics of trucks loaded with Mustang police cars painted up with Decepticon logos.

– If you play Halo 3 on XBox Live (and if not what’s wrong with you), then you geeked out earlier this week when Bungie revealed their final Legendary map. It’s called “Blackout” and it’s a remake of another classic map called “Lockout”. The full Legendary Map Pack will be available on April 15th for $10.

– Beta signups for the latest version of the PC strategy game Red Alert started this week. To be a part of the Red Alert 3 beta, just go here.

– The first poster for X-Files 2 popped up online. See it here.

– The Weinstein Company announced that their Star Wars nerd road trip movie Fanboys will be released in two seperate versions. The first will be a version edited against the director’s wishes to remove a cancer plotline, and the second will be a movie about a bunch of friends who try to steal an advance print of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace from George Lucas so that their terminally ill buddy can see it before he becomes one with the Force. I know which version I want to see.

– The trailer for Eddie Murphy’s upcoming Sci-Fi comedy Meet Dave is online. Watch it below:


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