George Takei Unaffected By His Celebrity Apprentice Firing, Does A Happy Dance

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Star Trek legend George Takei was fired from The Celebrity Apprentice last week, and that’s a shame since if he’s been able to win the money he earned would have gone to a very worthwhile charity, the Japanese-American National Museum. Also, selfishly, seeing him on that show was awesome. But all is not lost.

George has fought tirelessly, his entire life, for the rights of Japanese Americans. He grew up in a Japanese interment camp here in the United States during World War II and yet went on to become one of the most famous Japanese Americans of all time. And now he’s still fighting… and winning.

The following hilariously weird video was released by George (against his husband’s wishes) to celebrate the successful funding of his campaign to raise awareness of what happened in Japanese internment camps…

Yeah, so there’s that. Maybe if he’d done that on Celebrity Apprentice Paul Senior wouldn’t have labeled him as “timid” and “reserved”. That is not a timid man.


  1. Saralyn says:

    There is also a glorious animated GIF set from this video floating around Tumblr!

  2. Melanie Shim says:

    Haha, he’s so weird and so great!