ROTJ Deleted Scene May Be A Fake, Is George Lucas A Fraud?

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This past weekend we all got pretty excited over this. A never before seen deleted scene from Star Wars which George Lucas unveiled at Celebration and promises will be one of many pieces of polished up archival footage he’s including on his upcoming Star Wars Blu-ray box set.

The video was actually leaked online for awhile and though it’s gone now, if you caught it, you saw what appeared to be Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, constructing his first lightsaber. Hamill was actually on stage with Lucas when they announced the Blu-ray set and seemed to let everyone thing it was a real scene he filmed. He even related some amusing anecdote about his costume. Unfortunately, like everything George Lucas does, it’s probably all just a big lie.

The thing is, the whole scene probably isn’t real. It’s not a deleted scene, we know that, because back in 2009 Mark Hamill told everyone that the scene in question was never filmed. In fact, here’s the interview:

Pretty clear. He’s very certain he never shot the scene. At least he was back in 2009 before Lucas showed up at his house with a bunch of money. Now suddenly he remembers? Well sort of. Hamill was very clever when he discussed the clip. When introducing it he did say “This is my original entrance into Return of the Jedi.” But later when discussing the clip he claimed he remembered the whole thing and refers to the chin sticking out from under the hood as “the” chin rather than actually saying it’s his. Still though, he was there and he seems complicit in all of this. Lucas hasn’t just ruined Star Wars, now he’s ruined Mark Hamill too. Well done Darth Sidious.

Here’s Hamill introducing the scene and talking about it afterward, while it lasts:

Adding even more confusion to this whole mess is an interview with Anthony Daniels picked up by StarWarz.com in which he says he remembers shooting the scene. Daniels say, “I filmed the background to this in Death Valley just before the road to Jabba (the last scene filmed in ROTJ). It was a tiny crew and George and me. It was the best time I had in all four movies.”

If you saw the scene before it was taken down, you know it contains elements. In the foreground Luke and R2D2 sit in a cave, in the background, outside the cave off in the distance C3PO wanders around in the sand. The fact that Daniels says “I filmed the background” to me suggested they shot the stuff outside the cave but didn’t shoot any of the stuff inside it. But I’m just speculating. The person in the now vanished footage was partially obscured beneath a cloak and while it looked like Hamill with a little digital wizardry Lucas could have easily faked it. It seems likely to me that if the scene really was filmed, Mark Hamill wasn’t in it.


  1. Sienn says:

    You know, Mark actually says in this Comic-Con video, “I wouldn't REMEMBER shooting any scene like that” (roughly quoted) and at Celebration V, he said when they showed him beforehand what they'd screen, he “vaguely” remembered.

    So, really, this was lik 30 years ago, it was a small scene, it got cut, and he has forgotten so many details about the film… personally, I believe that he has simply forgotten and only remembered when he saw hard evidence.

    Also, if you're not inclined to believe that, another line of thought: These things, like Celebration V, get planned FAR in advance, as do the Blu-rays where this is supposed to be an extra, or so I heard. So maybe he wasn't ALLOWED to say anything about the scene ever existing until now and when asked directly just said he couldn't remember ever having done it?

    In any case, my personal opinion: I enjoy the scene as it is and my respect and admiration for Mark Hamill hasn't lessened one bit, I believe what he says.

    Best to everybody,


    • JT says:

      Sienn, no he says:

      “I WOULD REMEMBER shooting any scene like that” not “wouldn't”

      • Siennrha says:

        I listened to it again and I actually can't decide whether I hear “I would” or “I wouldn't” now that you're saying that. However, that doesn't change my opinion, because, well, if he has forgotten and doesn't know anymore he shot it, it's only logical he'd say that. At CV, he said he saw this for the first time on a computer while being brought to the Lucas panel in a golf cart. Another point in favor of the “forgetting” theory: He obviously totally forgot that he said he wasn't in this scene just ONE year ago. *grins*

        And did he ever actually say it was him at CV?
        Because he always refers to Luke in first person, you know? He did so in countless interviews ever since the 70s when ANH first premiered. To me, he quite clearly speaks of the character Luke in that panel rather than about himself as an actor.

        I'm astonished reading the discussions on this and other comment threads, though. I'm a huge SW nut, I adore these movies and I would also love to see the originals on DVD. I also don't like some of the SE changes too much. But I don't understand people going off on George Lucas like they do. SW is his story and he can do with it whatever he wants. And as for the merchandising and umpteenth release…. I don't see any stormtroopers forcing people with a gun to their head to buy the stuff.

        I would say any day that Lucas has made decisions, story-wise, that I disagree a lot with and I'm very sorry about that, but as an author and as creator of these characters, it is his right to do so, whether we like it or not. I admire him for creating all this in the first place and am so grateful for him enriching my childhood and present life with three movies and characters I absolutely adore.

        I guess it all comes down to how much it matters to you personally and to a question of believing.

        To me, there is no proof of a lie or conspiracy at work here. And even if it weren't Mark in the scene, I don't really care, certainly not to a point where I would allow this to destroy my picture of a man like Mark that I've admired for his career and life ever since I can remember.

        Gee, now I did a soapbox post again. Sorry. Actually all I wanted to say is that it has happened to me countless times that I forgot something and only remembered when I was shown hard evidence, which, one time, got fairly embarrassing, but who wants to hear that. *grins*


    • Jmarsh20072007 says:

      um, yeah, no, he actually says “I would remember if I had done something like that and I I didn't.” and the first words he utters in the video are “i'm just saying, I never shot a scene like that.” You are really reaching don't ya think, the prop is such a BIG DEAL that to in the end just shoot him screwing things under the slideing cover is laughable. Also, it's constructed in a very millenial fashion, if you had maybe seen some movies that have been made in the last 7 to 8 years you could tell. It's a fraud, simple as that. THE WHOLE VIDEO IS ABOUT HIM NOT DOING THE SCENE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!

  2. Sienn says:

    Sorry for posting twice, but I just went and looked at the Lucas panel and the Hamill panel again, and I am absolutely convinced now that in 2009, Mark just didn't remember. In his panel, the audience had to remind him that it was at Bespin his hand got cut off! *grins* I mean, how well do you remember what you did 30 years ago? (Or 20, whatever number fits your age. :D)

    No posts now anymore, promise.

    Best to everybody,