First Look at Splice

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Have you ever tried to have a lazy Sunday afternoon only to get sucked into working? When I was a kid it was because my Dad would yell at me to go clean something. Today it’s because of Entertainment Weekly. Sorry Dad. You have been replace by a 1/8 inch thick movie magazine.

While reading the April 11th issue of my favorite movie magazine, I noticed one of their “first looks” at a new movie. This issue focuses on the upcoming sci-fi thriller Splice and I know all five of you loyal GFR readers would love to see it. I’m here for ya. So I got my wife to teach me how to use the scanner and voila! Scroll down to see stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley either trying to drown some nasty looking Figrin D’an and the Modal Node wannabe or save him. I always wondered what happened to those Mos Eisely guys.

Splice tells the story of Brody and Polley who are scientists who don’t let ethics or the law get in the way of creating new creatures by splicing the dna of different animals. God I love movie name/plot synergy. Splice hits theaters in 2009.

splice movie


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