Fear The Walking Dead Will Remain In Cities

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fear the walking dead
One of the shows that I am most looking forward to is definitely the spin-off of The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead. I anxiously watch for news on the new show, with TWD being one of my favorite sci fi shows to watch. And if you’re like me, then you’re wondering how this will compare to TWD – will it be just as good, better or worse?

Well, it looks like this show is going to be a lot different. Recently the show’s creator revealed that it will take place pretty much completely in the city. There will be no trekking through the woods in this show. Of course, that makes sense as the show is set during the time when the outbreak first gets started, so there would really be no reason for the character to be out in the woods.

I think that is going to make this show really cool. I mean, think back to when Rick and the gang were in Atlanta early on in the show. That was pretty freaking cool, so that gives me a lot of hope for this show.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until August to see the new show. No exact premiere date has been given just yet, but estimates are putting it at the last week of August.


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