Fear The Walking Dead Ep. 4 Recap – People Are Worse Than Walkers

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fwd4Last night’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead fast forwards to nine days after the end of episode three. It starts off innocently enough, making it look like everything is back to normal. But we seasoned TWD fans know that this is just the calm before the storm. And sure enough, we start to see this normal facade start to crumble by the end of the episode. If you missed it last night, watch it now on Amazon.

I gotta say, I really loved the opening of this episode – making it look like things are going to get better. We even have the characters just doing normal things like going out for a morning jog and talking about repainting the living room. Of course, it’s not really all that normal when it only has to be repainted to cover up the blood spatter.

The reality is that we’re seeing a family that is far past the point of just being stressed out. And I still think that Madison and Barbershop Papa are the only two with any real damn sense. Even Chris, the kid from Righteous Travis’ ex-family knows it – when he thinks that he’s found someone trapped in a building across the city, he goes to her after stupid Travis blows him off.

And yes, I’m still really annoyed by Travis cause he is so righteous and so good at making bad decisions. Also, he’s suddenly the mayor of this little survivor compound? – now I dislike him even more!

A lot of interesting things happened this episode – Annoying Alicia was a bit less annoying this time because instead of just being mouthy and teenager-ish, she had some really moving moments where she went to the dead neighbor’s house to be sad. She found a letter that the woman had written to her husband before killing herself, which gave her the feels and she realized that the stupid sharpie tattoo her boyfriend had given her last week was the last thing she was ever going to have from him. Then we see her giving herself a tattoo over top of it.

We learn that Nick has found a way to get high – by sneaking over to the sick neighbor’s house at night and stealing his morphine drip. What a jerk! And he lies to everyone that he’s kicked the habit. Well, that’s about to come bite him in the ass.

Fast forward and a lady doctor arrives with the military and goes from house to house to check on people. She let’s Travis’ ex-wife know that she knows that she’s not a real doc. She tells Barbershop Papa that his wife needs surgery in their makeshift hospital and yes, he can come with her. She even inspects Nick after Travis’ ex-wife lets lady doc know about his drug habit.

Meanwhile, Madison sneaks out of the compound like a damn ninja. And she discovers that some shit has been going down. She sees that regular people are dead on the streets just like the infected. She gets back and Barbershop Papa wants to know all the deets on what she saw out there. She tells him and we get a little more backstory on him and why he’s so wise about what is going on. He even knows what Nick has been up to, which leads Madison to venture next door and see find him tossing the house for morphine since lady doc took the neighbor with her. Then she wails on his ass – it’s like she’s just taking out all her frustrations on him and he definitely deserves it.

And proving that people are worse than the walkers, lady doc shows up with the military in the middle of the night to take away not only Barbershop wife but also Nick! Hello, plot twist! And, they won’t let Barbershop Papa go with them. Madison tries to run out and save Nick, but it’s no use. Then, Travis’ ex-wife makes an interesting move by going with the lady doc! I like to think that she’s doing it to make sure that Nick and Barbershop Mama get out of there alive, but who knows.

After all this, we go to Travis up on the roof trying to see if anyone really is across town and stuck in a building. He gets a signal back, looks amazed that someone other than him is right about something, and just then there are a lot of flashes like the military took care of this survivor. Damn. And can you believe there’s only two more episodes left?!

I can’t wait to see what is in store for us on the next episode!


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