Fear The Walking Dead Ep. 3 Recap – Righteous Travy Mucks It Up For Everyone

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fwd3Is it just me, or does Fear The Walking Dead get better each week? In the last episode, we left off with Travis hunkered down with his ex-family and the barbershop family. All hell was breaking loose in downtown Los Angeles and Madison was back at the house trying to ignore the fact that the neighbor across the street was zombie eating his wife. Awesome. And this episode picks up right where it left off, with the shop next to the barbershop catching fire and everyone having to flee into the streets. If you missed it, watch it now on Amazon.

Talk about an epic opening scene! And how amazing was it that the rioters were burning and turning over cars, but no one had touched that old truck that Travis left parked downtown? Ah, Hollywood, your lucky breaks are annoying! But just cause the truck was there didn’t mean that all was okay, cause Barbershop Mama done went and got her foot crushed during the melee. But never fear, Travis was there to carry her out of harms way! *rolls eyes*

Let’s take a moment to talk about Travis. We call him “Righteous Travy” in my household because dude is so freaking righteous and annoying about it. He is seriously the single worst thing about this show. I hope a zombie eats his face off real soon.

One of the best things about this episode was seeing the chaos unfolding all over the city. As Righteous Travy was driving everyone out of the city, we get to see the power going off across Los Angeles. Then, when he pulls up to the hospital for Barbershop Mama, all hell is breaking lose. We see an ambulance up on the curb, lots of police lights and a shooting standoff between police and a zombie patient. Meanwhile, Madison and the kids are trying to evade a zombie neighbor, who ends up eating their dog, and steal a shotgun from next door. Bummer on that poor dog.

Then, I get a glimmer of hope as Righteous Travy pulls up at the house and goes in without knowing that zombie neighbor is waiting for him inside. And like any good Righteous Randy, good old Travy tries to reason with the poor zombie. Not only is this dude annoyingly righteous, he’s also hella stupid.

Unfortunately, zombie neighbor doesn’t bite Righteous Travy. Madison comes in and we think she’s gonna give him the fatal head blow, but she just can’t do it. But don’t worry, Barbershop Papa comes in and blows his head off with the shotgun. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.

After this, there is some discussion of what’s going on and Annoying Alicia (the daughter) realizes that her boyfriend is one of these zombies and has a momentary freak out. Madison wants to leave immediately but Righteous Travy convinces her to wait until morning. How much better off would she be if she stopped listening to him?!

Proving how much smarter she is, Madison has an awkward conversation with Righteous Travy’s ex-wife and asks her to kill her if she ends up like the zombie next door. Fast forward to the next morning and Madison wants to kill the zombie neighbor lady before they leave. Her reason? She doesn’t want her husband to find her like that. She hesitates outside just long enough for Righteous Travy to come out and convince her not to. At this point, we see Barbershop Papa inside calling that they’re “weak.” He’s right – but only about Righteous Travy. Madison has already had some great character growth and I can’t wait to see what else we get from her this season.

And, proving just how bad Righteous Travy is at making decisions, they don’t get out of the neighborhood before the military moves in. Obviously they are going to be quarantined. I know this. Barbershop Papa knows this as he remarks that it’s “already too late.” But good ole Righteous Travy tells Madison “It’s going to get better now.”

Going forward, I’d really like to see the show get rid of Righteous Travy, but he’s a main character so I know that’s not going to happen. Right now, it looks like Addict Nick, Momma Madison and Barbershop Papa have the best apocalypse survival skills. But, I suspect Barbershop Papa will either get bit by Barbershop Mama when she inevitably dies from her foot wound – or from trying to save someone else.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week, how about you?


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