Fear The Walking Dead Ep. 1 – It’s A Slow Start

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fear the walking deadWell, after months of anticipation, the spin-off series of The Walking Dead finally premiered last night. If you haven’t had a chance to watch Fear The Walking Dead yet, then you’ll want to stop reading now cause there are spoilers below. As a big fan of TWD, I’ve been really looking forward to this show ever since it was first announced. If you missed it, click here to watch it on Amazon.

The show started with the scene that I thought was one of the best teasers that AMC had given us before the show started. It’s the one where Nick wakes up in the church and sees his girlfriend going all-out zombie and eating people. He then runs out of the church, looking particularly terrified, and promptly gets hit by a car.

That intense and adrenaline pumping scene is how the show opened. Unfortunately, the rest of the episode didn’t manage to keep up that same fast-paced feel. In fact, the slowness of the episode led io9 to say that the show “kind of sucks.”

And yeah, it was slow because there was a lot of setting up the back story of the characters. But here’s the thing – that first episode of TWD was ALSO a bit slow. I remember it because I can recall being unsure if I was going to continue watching the show.

So, yes, it was slow and I think people were expecting too much from it. And I think that going forward, it is going to get a lot better and quicker paced since we’re getting those back stories established.

Now, let’s talk about this zombie virus. At the beginning of the episode, they were making it seem like maybe something in the drugs that Nick and the other junkies were taking are to blame for the outbreak. But then we learn about the “flu” that is keeping a lot of people out of school and work. Then, there is the guy who goes all zombie on the EMT during the traffic accident. And, of course, when Nick kills his dealer we see him go all zombie. So, it’s not the drugs or the flu – so what is it?! I can’t wait to see what we get on the virus backstory from this show.

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