Farscape: Everything You Need To Know About The Comics Before The Movie

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ZhaanThe Delvians Have a Secret
The humanoid plants known as the Delvians were always a bit mysterious, and there was never any question that the late Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan had her share of secrets. The Delvians’ religion is the very core of their being and society, with their homeworld essentially a theocracy under the leadership of the so-called Delvian Seek. But it turns out the Devlians have been sitting on a far bigger whopper than the fact that they can have “photogasms.” Namely that, long before they called themselves Delvians…they called themselves the Kkore.

Specifically they were originally part of a Kkore expedition that came through the gateway from Grey Space, on a scouting mission to determine if the worlds of the Uncharted Territories were worthy of being conquered and added to the Kkore Hegemony. Led by the “Great Prophet Ssaryn Zhaan,” one group didn’t make it back through the portal and instead settled on a planet they named Delvia, which means “place of refuge.” The prophet Zhaan — for whom Farscape’s beloved blue-skinned priestess was obviously named — wasn’t a fan of the Kkore’s never-ending wars of conquest, so he formed the Delvian Seek and dedicated the lives of himself and his followers to peace, and to keeping a watchful eye out for the inevitable return of their Kkore brethren.

After 2,000 cycles had passed, their dared to hope that the Kkore weren’t coming back after all. Unfortunately, that hope was futile, but the good news was that the former Kkore/Delvians possess one telepathic weapon that proves to be the Kkore’s undoing. I won’t spoil all the specifics, but suffice to say it’s a twist that seems to have proven pretty divisive among Farscape fans, and which reminds me of a similar idea in an episode of Doctor Who from a while back.

If all this has got you eager to read the Farscape comics for yourself, you can buy them in digital form over at Comixology. Otherwise hopefully this primer will be handy once the new movie arrives, especially if it touches on any of this backstory in its new tale of John, Aeryn, and their mutant baby Deke.

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  1. Djv1985 says:

    Seriously this is getting a feature film? I’m sorry and I know it’s got a cult fanbase but so many other cancelled shows should get a film. For starters Stargate Universe while not a favourite for most it’s worth giving us an ending for closure, or Quantum Leap, or hell Im not gonna name them all but oh and Dark skies would love that to be remade or continued. Anyway my point is and yes I’m a fan of the show but really there are so many other shows that could have gotten this film over Farscape.

    • Glen says:

      You’re acting like some exec had a list of shows to green light a movie for and he picked your least favorite. Something a lot of people like, including you apparently, is getting a movie and you feel the need to complain that it wasn’t the highest one on your personal list?

    • JT says:

      Farscape was better than everything you listed. By a lot.

      I love Quantum Leap, I even like Stargate Universe and wish they hadn’t cancelled it, but seriously, Farscape is one of the best shows in the history of television. It really is. And it never really got its due. A smart studio exec might see unmined potential in that.

  2. briana says:

    totally farscape definitely deserves a movie