Fans Campaigning To Get John Carter A Sequel

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Disney doesn’t exactly have a breakout hit with its massively budgeted sci-fi adventure John Carter. It’s only made about $37 million domestically and another $70 million internationally, which doesn’t come close to touching the film’s $250 million production price tag. There are a lot of potential explanations for this – not the least of which being the film’s actual quality – but it would definitely be surprising if Disney decided to move ahead with the rest of the intended trilogy. Despite the low earnings and poor ratings, not everyone is ready to give up on John Carter just yet. A group of fans have started an online campaign to have Disney produce a sequel.

Actually, “campaign” might be a bit of a strong word for what’s going on. There is a Facebook group called “Take me back to Barsoom! I want John Carter to have a sequel!” that has almost 3,000 people and a Twitter account (@BackToBarsoom) with a whopping 62 followers.  Folks who have signed up express your typical fan grievances – that the film was actually awesome, critics are idiots, etc – but also bring up good points (as we did here) about the way Disney approached the adaptation.  Everything from the terribly vague name and action-packed but uninformative trailers to the John Carter‘s giant budget come under fire from fans.

It looks like Disney isn’t exactly behind this fan movement, though.  Several people in the group report trying to post a link to the fan group on Disney’s Facebook page, only to have it removed by moderators.  That seems a bit excessive a reaction for such a small movement, so Disney must really, definitely not want to do a sequel.  Either that or they are already planning to move ahead and don’t want people to think they gave in to the fans.

Let Disney know whether or not you think there should be a John Carter 2 by sounding off in the comments below.


  1. Dave Chesson says:

    I plan to see it this weekend but everyone I have talked to (from skeptic to scifi wiz to family young and old)  have all said it was a great movie.  I’ll decide for myself but till then, I always love the continuation of a good story.

  2. Lifetime SF Fan says:

    Absolutely it should have a sequel! The film captures the feeling and intent of the novels brilliantly well and is true to its originating 19th-early 20th century feeling and approach. This is a great movie and its current financial failure will almost certainly be made up in DVD sales. I will buy it full price the moment it shows, and many others will also, I am certain. I would be salivating for a sequel!

  3. Fate13 says:

    I enjoyed it enough to want to see a sequel.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I felt like crying after seeing this film. It was bittersweet. I never read the books but I gathered much heavy intellectual themes are found there, that are somehow still relevant to this day; racism, nationalism, mind less war, religious bigotry, intolerance of others, many more. This film only briefly touched those issues, and it was heavily disappointing. The concept of “Disneyfing it” makes me want to puke. That’s why I wanted to cry, they wasted this great literary classic for stupid PG-13 ratings, and they got no money. Not only that, but the Director really sucked. The design was so cutesy it hardly felt believable. And the lead was such a bore, the CGI creatures had more emotion. If they do a sequel, hire a new creative team…but keep the princess; she’s the only good character here. Oh and the puppy. 

    • Tcola187 says:

      The lead is no different from any other mega actor starting out. People must see somin in him cuz he’s also the lead in the upcoming Battleship movie as well. Personally I think he’s pretty decent for his first big box office start. Everyone is being so harsh with this movie, I don’t get it. It was every bit as good as Avatar in my opinion, if not better. I know I’d prefer a sequel to Jon Carter over Avatar.

    • Baby Fart McGeeziaks says:

       Ehh… I think that’s a little harsh on the lead. I agree that he was a bit stiff and found myself saying, “Imagine if Disney had tried to get Johnny Depp or Gary Oldman on board for this…” but he wasn’t awful.

  5. Barsoomster says:

    John Carter definitely deserves a sequel…much better than the negative advanced publicity it was given!

  6. Brittertrouble says:

    Im going to see it tonight!

  7. Tcola187 says:

    I freakin loved this movie, people are way too cynical now days. I literally thought it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in awhile. I’ve actually dragged my wife twice to the theaters now to see it. People that want a sequel, go see it twice.. I know I would like a sequel.

  8. David Keith says:

    Hell yeah. It’s an instant classic. A giant sleeper waiting to happen. It will be a success in the long run.

  9. John R. Fultz says:

    Awesome movie, faithful to the source, everything I hoped it would be. I’d love to see the sequel, GODS OF MARS. If they hadn’t spent so much friggin’ money on this, it still could have been good AND profitable. The problem here can be traced back to one thing, of which many, many modern movies are terribly guilty: a bloated budget. Still, it stands as a testament to the timelessness of ERB’s creation, and it deserves to be THE next great fantasy franchise. JC rules!

  10. Cass Morrison says:

    This was one of the best movies I’ve seen recently. I’d love to see a sequel.

  11. Great movie they’ll make a profit when it comes out on dvd/bluray

  12. Baby Fart McGeeziaks says:

     Disney… re-release it this summer under the name “John Carter of Mars”. Push the romance and the princess in the commercials. You will make all your money back and then some. Trust me. Thanks.

  13. RagaGaga says:

    they make sequels to the crap harry potter worst witch ripoff stories. middle class tripe.
    John Carter was fun. Lets have a sequel! i enjoyed the movie, and most definitely would watch it again

  14. Gareth Lloyd says:

    I loved this movie too and definitely want a sequel. I only watched it for the first time this week as the title put me off. Who the hell is John Carter? It has been so badly marketed. I’m watching it for the 2nd time right now and can’t understand why it did so badly. Disney execs c*cked up big time but I hope it eventually makes enough to garner a sequel so we can see more of Barsoom.

  15. Jacob Bleything says:

    I really think there should be a John Carter 2 because Disney could end up making a lot of money if they make it into a sequel like star wars u just have to get some people interested and others will fallow and realize how good the move is and by that u can make a lot of profit over time like star wars is still making money by selling moves and this is just the type of stuff people and families enjoy to watch us the sic fi stuff inters space aliens and royality and war I believe that Disney is sitting on a jackpot full of money all they have to do is exspand please send me a email of what u think diney at Catching4kid@yahoo.com

  16. Jacob Bleything says:

    And the movie left off at a really good continue on point u can expand the movie a lot

  17. d demko says:

    Please make a SEQUEL TO JOHN CARTER! It was one of the best films I have seen in the last decade!

  18. Kody Underhill says:

    I’m sure many would love a sequel to see more of John’s adventures on Barsoom, but it had a very good ending and if it were to be left as a standalone movie it would be great. I just wouldn’t want to take the risk of ruining the whole story. I honestly wanted to cry after he spoke the words and returned to Barsoom and the music that played as the JCM appeared just gave and still gives me this bittersweet feeling. Sure some people like to see an actual depiction of what happens next, but I think we should all just imagine what happens next, or read the book and use your imagination. I really can’t get over the twist ending that just sent so much emotion through me. I’d hate to see all that emotion I had felt ruined by a wrongly depicted sequel. I love John Carter and always will, if they leave it as it is.