Why Elodie Yung might be a better Elektra than Jennifer Garner

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Elodie Yung vs  Jennifer Garner
The latest news for the Daredevil Season 2 Netflix show is the addition of Elodie Yung as Elektra. Comic fans will know this is big news for the series as Elektra is a key character in the mythology of Daredevil and her inclusion will add favors to the already fantastic show.

One interesting thought that went through my mind when I read the news was that Elodie Yung seems to be a better fit for Elektra that Jennifer Garner. Upon further reflection, here are the reason why I think Elodie Yung makes for a better, and dare I say, sexier Elektra.


#1: Elodie Yung Looks like Elektra

IMHO, Elodie Yung physical features better reflects the look of Elektra. Granted, she is not Greek but her exotic look closely resembles her comic counterpart. When the news first broke, my reaction was that “Elektra has arrived!” Jennifer Garner, on the other hand, look too American. When watching her previous movie, I can’t shake off the feeling that Jennifer is pretending to be someone, rather than believing that she is Elektra.


#2: Better aura

Elektra is an assassin by trade so whoever playing her needs to convey that kind of aura on screen. Elodie Yung definitely has that. One look and you know she is not someone you mess with. Jennifer Garner looks too friendly. No way you will think her on screen presence belongs to that of an assassin, even when she is costume. Missing this aura is a huge hindrance to conveying to audience that she is a deadly assassin. It just doesn’t work.


#3: Great kung fu display

Have you seen Elodie Yung in the G.I.Joe movie? In that movie, she is a hand to hand fighter, not unlike Elektra. Her phyiscal display was awesome and I imagine seeing the same in the Daredevil season 2 netflix show. While Jennifer Garner is no slouch, I personally feel Elodie Yung had a better physical display.


#4: Better acting

This is going to be entirely bias since acting is a personal preference. However, I do feel Elodie Yung has a better grip on her characters in general. That is from showing her on shows such as the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. That is not to say Jennifer Garner is a bad actress. It is just that every movie she is on, it seems like the same character. I don’t really tell them apart like I can with characters portrayed by Elodie Yung

The only thing that I think Jennifer Garner has the edge is her figure. She definitely has more curves compared to Elodie Yung but since this is not a beauty pageant, I am not going to include her in my comparison 🙂

Now that you have heard my views, what are your opinions? Who do you think makes for a better Elektra on the Daredevil season 2 Netflix show?


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