Dredd Probably Won’t Get A Sequel, But Might Get A Short Film

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Dredd 3D was one of the biggest bummers of 2012. Not because it was bad — on the contrary, it did damn near everything right. No, the depressing element is that it succeeded so well creatively, while tanking hard at the box office. With a reported budget of $50 million, it’s only taken in around $36.5 million worldwide. Needless to say, that’s not the sort of business that would have Hollywood greenlighting a sequel. But even if we don’t return to Mega-City One on the big screen anytime soon, we may still get more Dredd, just in a different form.

During an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit last week, Dredd 3D producer Adi Shankar had good news and bad news for fans of Judge Dredd’s latest big-screen incarnation. Citing the disappointing box office, Shankar said we probably wouldn’t see a sequel since the film “totally bombed.” As he pointed out, it’s hard enough to get an R-rated movie greenlit in the first place, so that’s only magnified when the movie in question is a multi-million-dollar sequel to a box office dud. But Shankar did reveal that he’s working on a new Judge Dredd short film.

A short film spin-off wouldn’t be unexplored territory for Shankar. He was also a producer on the Punisher: Dirty Laundry short starring Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman. (Jane was the best part of the disappointing 2004 Punisher movie, so it was good to see him back in Frank Castle’s skull shirt.) The Dredd short would serve as a sequel to last year’s Dredd 3D, but there’s no word whether Karl Urban would reprise his role as the titular character. Given how limited the budget is likely to be, I’m guessing Urban would have to pitch in out of love for the character rather than a paycheck. Shankar also expressed interest in possibly turning to Kickstarter to help fund the short.

I think it’s great that we’re going to see more of the universe Dredd 3D served up, but it still doesn’t totally soothe the wound of not getting to see the other two installments in screenwriter Alex Garland’s proposed Dredd trilogy. At least we’ve got the movie to revisit.

In the meantime, you can check out Punisher: Dirty Laundry below.


  1. this is bollocks i was looking forwards to a more judge dreddy sequel with the world established with judge death or something, it was GOOD film just no one went to watch it it’s not fair

  2. Spencer Kennedy says:

    if they can make now TWO sequels to Pitch Black the can make another sequel to Dredd. The fans deserve that much. I for one would def donate to a Kickstarter project to bring back another movie or a min-series fielded by one of the cable networks…

  3. Nick Farrow says:

    Loved the slow-motion blood splatter but the emotional connection wasn’t there I think it was because you never got to see the face of the main character,“Dredd.” There for you are unable to see any facial expressions (an actor’s primary weapon). Please use some kind of clear helmet next time.

    • spurge says:

      Way to miss the point….

    • Nick says:


    • fletch says:

      yeah Nick, sorry but Dredd is not a hero, he meant to be the faceless instrumet of justice, he is not a hero he is an anti hero. you are not supposed to like him but you do anyway. one of the main points of the comic is you never saw his face. apart from twice, once with a huge censored picture across it and once after he’d done the long walk but was burned/aged unrecognisable due to radiation. trust me get some comics and you’ll connect with the character

  4. matt says:

    it was an action film that didnt need an actors ego like stallone to say i want them to see my face eveen though you NEVER do see Dredds face in the comics. Was an awesome gritty action film

  5. Evan Fowler says:

    Kickstarter is great, but it’s not gonna raise anywhere even near half of 50 million dollars and that was extremely low budget in the first place.

  6. I want Dredd2 says:

    Hire a better marketing team. This movie tanked because people didn’t know what it was.

  7. DoigtDuPeuple says:

    Too bad ’cause the movie itself was damn good.. Lots of action, explosions ect.. In the end everything you’d expect from a Dredd movie.. Yes not great screenwriting, but come on… It’s a damn Sci-Fi/Action movie..

  8. Riku Ruohomäki says: