Which Doctor Who Companions Will Return For The 50th Anniversary?

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With Doctor Who celebrating its 50th anniversary next year, rumors are flying about how the show will mark the honor, who could return, and more. There have already been hints that at least two former Doctors — Tom Baker and David Tennant — will return in some fashion, but Doctor Who has never just been about the Doctor. The show has always been shaped and defined by the Doctor’s various traveling companions nearly as much as by the Doctor himself, so it’s no surprise that several former companions are now rumored to be returning for the anniversary…and the names might surprise you.

British publication the Express is citing an anonymous source from the show as saying that “There will be plenty of nods to the show’s remarkable history and some old faces are likely to be reappearing. Karen and Billie are two of the Doctor’s greatest companions and it’s hoped they will be involved.” That would be Karen Gillan as Amy Pond and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, respectively. It’s not entirely clear if they would be involved as their characters or merely putting in appearances in some of the inevitable anniversary specials or what-have-you. If the former, that should be interesting, since both characters exited the storyline in ways that would theoretically make it difficult to arrange a reunion, unless the Doctor runs into them earlier on their timeline or something.

Former Who companions Billie Piper and Karen Gillan

They aren’t only trying to bring back companions from the modern incarnation, however. The Express also claims that “It is also understood that Carole Ann Ford, who played the Doctor’s first-ever television companion Susan Foreman alongside original Time Lord the late William Hartnell back in the mists of 1963 could be among those appearing.” If true, an appearance from the now 72-year-old Ford would be a great way to callback to the series’ long history, and it would be very interesting to see how the Eleventh Doctor would interact with his “granddaughter.”

Carole Ann Ford as Susan Foreman, the Doctor’s first companion.

Which companions would you like to see return for the 50th anniversary?


  1. Brian says:

    although she wasn’t exactly a companion, would like to see Jenny from “The Doctor’s Daughter”!

  2. Leela and Nyssa were my two favorite companions of all time, so I’d love to see both Louise Jameson and Sarah Sutton come back. I’d also have loved to see Elisabeth Sladen come back as Sarah Jane Smith; it’s too bad we lost her last year.

  3. Jeff Brewer says:

    It would be great to see Susan or Romana, but unlikely, as they are Time Lords (Ladies?), and unless something timey-wimey happens, the Doctor is the only Time Lord left.

    Actually, is Susan a Time Lord? She always referred to the Doctor as “Grandfather”, but was her lineage/race ever determined?

    • When Susan describes her home world (forget when) it matches the description of Gallifrey. He also left her stranded so Susan may not have been returned to Gallifrey for the Time War. And Romana was in a parallel world like Rose, so may not have been there for the Time War either.

      • jemiph says:

        You’re kind of missing the point of the Time War – it’s not something you had to “be there” for – the Time Lords were wiped from all space AND time. Anyone who was ever anywhere was erased.

        • Before you get any more pleased with yourself over your chastisement of the previous poster, you might want to stop and consider that maybe it’s you who missed a point somewhere…. There is absolutely nothing conclusive anywhere to support the statement “anyone who was ever anywhere was erased”, or the rest of your slightly condescending . You might have noticed that each successive show runner & writers have made their own adjustments & modifications to the Doctor’s backstory – including the Time War and it’s various effects and implications. So nothing that Jimmy said in his comment deserves a contemptuous response.

    • James says:

      in the five doctors she does recognize Gallifrey

  4. how about jenny(daughter) of the 10th doctor. maybe at some point be able to explain susan as being her daughter…..they would both be “time ladies” so in a wibbly wobbly timey wimey way, jenny could be susans daughter

  5. Karen Gillan said in an interview that she wouldn’t be coming back. So if she is in the special then I don’t think it will be directly.

  6. Dr Mike says:

    Leela — yes, we should have seen more of her! Jo Grant? Perhaps! Ah, but Rose Tyler must surely be there, she is after all still part of the ongoing mythos, especially as there are unanswered mysteries surrounding her.

  7. Romana, most definitely. Of all the lost Time Lords she’s probably the easiest to work in a sensical explanation for return, given e-space and all… I also wouldn’t mind seeing Donna crop up somewhere.

  8. Edward says:

    Jenny would be awsome they do need to bring her back. wow 50 years of doctor who.

  9. Clayton Reed says:

    Sadly both Romanna (Mary Tamm) & Sarah Jane have passed on but they would be my picks, otherwise any of a few others come to mind such as Leela, Nyssa, Tegan, Peri, Jaime, or Liz Shaw.. So many actors are gone now but this is an amazing story that lives on!

  10. cruz says:

    All living companions or none

  11. corrosivepress says:

    Bring ADRIC back from the death. Finally make him more likable.

  12. Doctor Boo says:

    Bessie, the third Doctor’s old yellow car would be a nice touch.

  13. Leela, Nissa, Adrik, the Huntress hell why not have Rose meet the Brigadier ..and even though I will always love you Sarah Janet there’s only one companion we all must agree upon…………….K-9…..Can I get a “I’d Sonic that!”

  14. Rose and Amy where two of The Doctor’s greatest companions? Yeah right…
    Sarah Jane and Ace where considerably better; how many times did Rose lay into a Dalek with a baseball bat because it called her small?
    Man, they need Ace back! Susan would be brilliant as well, I’d love to see The Doctor’s reaction to discovering ‘He is not alone’, again. While we are at it, get some more Time Lords back! The Master and The Rani anybody? The Monk even?

  15. K says:

    First neither Bille and especially Amy were great companions
    Several Classic companions recntly died; so of companions wh had a major prescence:
    Tegan, Romana, Jamie , Zoe and Jo Grant (althhough they way they ruined Katy Manning why would she want to come back)

  16. Anonymous says:

    I say Susan. He promised her he’d come back to her some day. It’d be a nice thing to see for a 5th special in my opinion.

  17. Carter says:

    They should bring back Romana (Lalla Ward) and Ace. Maybe Leela.

  18. Ace and Nyssa. I would also have said Liz Shaw and the 1st Romana had the actresses not have tragically both died last year. And Ian. William Russell is doing a great job on Big Finish’s Audio series so it’d be nice to have him involved.