Best Deadpool merchanise and toys for 2016

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cool deadpool merchanise and toys for 2016
With a Deadpool movie coming out in less than 2 months time, you can bet there are going to lots of Deadpool merchanise including toys and stuff to take advantage of the hype. Being a Deadpool reader, here are my picks on what are the best stuff for sale that a Deadpool fan might want to get.


Deadpool Tee

deadpool tee for sale on amazon
I screen through many designs and reviews and thought this was the best. It has a funny tagline and is suitable for both male and female fans. Material wise, it is reviewed to be comfortable to wear and does not lose its shape after repeated washing. One to get for your wardrobe.


Deadpool Seatbelt Belt

deadpool seatbelt belt
Is a seatbelt or belt? LOL. This is actually a cool looking Deadpool belt that happens to looks like a seatbelt. It is a not a Deadpool car accessories so be careful to note that when you are buying it. It matches clothing pretty easily and will hold any pants up well!


Deadpool Earrings

deadpool earrings for sale
Made of stainless steel, this pair of Deadpool earrings is a perfect item for a teenage girl who is a Deadpool fan. Its design is instantly recognizable without being too loud. One thing to note is that the sizing of this Deadpool earring is actually pretty small so don’t expect anything big.


Deadpool Keychain

deadpool keychain
There are many different types of Deadpool keychains in the market today. The most popular has to be the Funko Deadpool keychain that contains a logo as the main decorative item. However, I am not highlighting that today. Instead, I am picking this unique Deadpool voodoo doll keychain that is more unusual. The whole doll is well made as everything is done by hand. The details are astounding especially on the smaller items like the swords on Deadpool’s back. High recommended if you are looking for something different.


Deadpool Rockmaster Electric Guitar review

deadpool rockmaster electric guitar review
Finally, one of the coolest merchandise to buy if you are a guitarist is this Deadpool rockmaster electric guitar. I am going to do a more indepth review here since this is not a cheap item and you probably want to know if it is going to be worth your money.

To be honest here, this is a entry level guitar. For professionals, you will probably think the sound is lacking. However, if you are not a pro or just starting to get into guitar playing the sound will be fine. It has a pretty straight neck and feels solid on the hands. Overall, the built is pretty nice for such a beginner guitar.

Its outstanding feature is definitely the Deadpool design. Without it, you can probably buy a similar guitar for less. However, since we are all Deadpool fans, the design IS the point. It is so nice that you can probably hang it on your wall, rather than using it as a musical instrument.

Another plus point is its price. Although I say it is pricey, that is in relation to the other Deadpool merchandise or toys. However, if you compare it against other entry level guitars, then it is actually pretty affordable.

Do note however, that the guitar doesn’t come with a guitar case so you need to buy one or get a gig bag. I wonder if there is a Deadpool guitar case for sale?



There are far away Deadpool merchandise than what I have covered here but I picked what I thought was the coolest. Enjoy the movie in 2 months’ time, Deadpool fans!


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