David Tennant/Matt Smith Location Pics Could Provide Who 50th Anniversary Clues

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DocsWhile it’s still up in the air whether any of the classic Doctor Who leads will play any part in the upcoming 50th anniversary special, we have at least been able to shift one candidate into the “Yes” column. Tenth Doctor David Tennant was confirmed late last month to be returning, along with actress Billie Piper as his beloved companion, Rose Tyler. Now some new shots of Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and Tennant in the midst of filming in Cardiff, with Tennant back in his unmistakable Doctor garb. Aside from being nifty, these pictures may hold some clues as to how Tennant’s Doctor will return.

SPOILERS! Don’t read further if you want to avoid even speculation about how Tennant might figure into the anniversary special.

Aside from the fact that there’s a Zygon in the background, the eagle eyes at Tor.com noticed a few other potential clues. First, they say this looks like the Tennant-era TARDIS, rather than the version Smith’s Eleventh Doctor is currently puttering around time and space in. It’s a darker color of blue, the windows are slightly different, and there’s no “St. John’s” insignia. This shot below of some TARDIS toys shows off the differences — Tenth and Eleventh are the furthest right, respectively.


The Tor folks also point out that Tennant is in his brown suit, whereas his alternate universe cloned duplicate was last seen wearing the blue version of the suit. That’s hardly conclusive proof, but it’s worth noting. If we’re assuming that we can reasonably rule out an appearance by the Clone Doctor, that suggests Tennant will indeed be playing the “Alpha” version of his Doctor, and that he will either 1) cross paths with the Eleventh Doctor during some unspecified, previously unseen point in his timeline prior to his regeneration, or 2) he’ll be brought back from the dead via some manner of wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey stuff, even if only for one last adventure.

At any rate, it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out. As for the other Doctors, Eccleston is out, Baker and McCoy aren’t holding out much hope, but McGann still thinks he could be a last-minute addition.

And just to give those tear ducts a workout, here’s the Tenth Doctor as we last saw him.


  1. Darth Silliarse says:

    It’s worth noting that Dr Who never bothered too much with continuity in the way Trek does. It’s more about theatre and just going along with it.

  2. Douglas Finn says:

    Not sure having Tenant and Piper reprising their roles is such a good idea — they were, IMHO, the absolute best (at least of the Davies / Moffatt era). Matt Smith (although I still hold out hope for him) just might appear in comparison to be the poor, misfit second cousin (by marriage), who only holds the name…

  3. cg1701 says:

    Must admit, after reading many blogs and forums about this, I cannot believe that people say the only way this makes sense and follows on is it IS the clone Doctor! Have people forgot its a program about time travel!

    The 10th Doctor is indeed the 10th Doctor and not the clone. And is from the 2nd season period. More proof of this can be gained from the fact the closed the Doctor Who Exhibition down for filming. Guess where the original TARDIS console room for the 10th Doctor is. Yep in the exhibition. It is being used for the interior shots for the 10th Doctor and Rose.

    Personally I cannot wait for this special. I do fear the comparisons that WILL be made. For many (me included) Tenant is THE Doctor. Although Matt Smith is growing on me (I believe he has settled in to the role now) I think David Tenant will shine well above Matt Smiths Doctor and will go to show what we are all missing.

  4. RandomStranger says:

    Upon reexamining the picture, I really thought that was the Third doctor beside the Zygon! 🙂