ComicConBox #3 Review: Disappointing

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comic con boxA few weeks ago when I saw that the theme for box #3 of the ComicConBox is “Adventure,” I immediately looked up the details of this geeky subscription box and signed up. You see, in the advertisement that I saw, there were images from Adventure Time and Zelda, which are totally my thing. And after seeing that there was quality stuff in Box #2 and Box #1, I felt confident that it would totally be worth the $37. Maybe my expectations were too high, because my box arrived today and it kinda sucks.

ccbox3When you look at it all in the box, it seems like a pretty decent haul for the money, right? I mean, it is a full box of geeky stuff. Two pounds of it, according to the mailing label on the box.

But here’s the thing – the stuff in Box #3 here just is not quite as good as what was sent out on Box #1 and Box #2. If you have seen the other boxes, then you know that box #1 included a FunkoPop and box #2 included a big ass Marvel mug. And there were a few other pretty cool things in those.

I feel kind of “meh” about this box and definitely will not be ordering one again. I mean, these are the ComicCon people – and this should be MUCH better.

So, what you don’t see in the photo above is the 8×10 picture of Indiana Jones and Darth Vader. I’m not really sure why, but there it is. It is a ComicConBox exclusive and I have no idea what it is worth. Value: $5

indiana jones darth vader picture

It also has two comic books that came bagged and boarded, which is a nice touch. These are also ComicConBox exclusives. There is Jurassic Strike Force 5: One Shot – Terror & Tacos. There is no price on the comic. It isn’t even a full-length comic book. The inside states that the story occurs after Volume One. This really seems like a freebie comic to me. Definitely not something you’d ever pay for. Value = $0

The other comic book is Ant-Man: Larger Than Life, 001 Variant Edition. Value printed on front: $3.99

antman comic

The t-shirt included in the box is a Doctor Who themed shirt that is exclusive to ComicConBox. Estimated value: $10

Like at least one of the other boxes, this one included a Mustache Friends costume mustache. You can view one on Amazon. Value = $4.99

As for the included Zelda stuff, there is just the Tomy Zelda Mascot Danglers. GameStop sells a pack for $0.97. Wow. Value = $0.97

The included Adventure Time item is a plush chew toy. Yes, a dog toy. I don’t even…You can view this on Amazon – I got Peppermint Butler. Value = $9.99

The box also include a DVD for the movie Antboy. Amazon has it, in case you’re interested. Value = $9

One of the few worthwhile items in the box is the SDCC 2014 NECA Exclusive Scalers – Spider-Man & Iron Man. Of course, I find it kind of odd that they are basically just tossing in stuff that they couldn’t get rid of at last year’s ComicCon. I found these on Amazon. Value = $17.84

neca scalers

But the absolute worst thing in the box is definitely the “Chomping Dinosaur.” It looks like something you’d pick up at the Dollar Store. This thing is so freaking generic that it doesn’t even have a brand! Seriously! Just take a look below. Truly unbelievable. Value = $1

dollar store dino

So, overall, that adds up to about a $63 value total. Of course, $63 worth of mostly junk is still mostly junk. Bottom line – if you don’t mind getting Dollar Store crap and freebies that they couldn’t get rid of last year, then line right up give them your money cause that just might be exactly what you get. Did you get the box #3 too? Share your thoughts with me on Facebook.


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