A Closer Look At Battleship’s Aliens Who Seem A Lot Like Halo’s Master Chief

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By now you’ve probably seen the trailers for the upcoming alien invasion movie Battleship and concluded that it’s even more creatively bankrupt that Hollywood’s other recent alien invasion movies. But I’m starting to think Battleship may have taken its lack of creativity a notch further than even, say, Skyline or Battle L.A..

Universal has just released dozens of new still images from the film. I’m not going to bore you with all of them, since most seem to involve Channing Tatum wannabe Taylor Kitsch standing around and looking heroic, but it’s worth looking at the ones that feature the film’s aliens. They look like this…

Basically its your generic armored invader character. CGI armor, by the way, is a lot easier and cheaper to render on screen than something organic. It’s also really easy to come up with, when it looks like about a dozen other armored characters we’ve seen in other things. In particular, I think he looks like Master Chief…

That photo above is the Master Chief as he looks in the popular, sci-fi video game franchise Halo. And here’s another one of Battleship’s aliens…

It’s hard not to notice the similarities. It kind of looks like Master Chief mated with Iron Man and had a really boring looking baby.

Battleship will be in theaters to bring all the action of Milton Bradley’s classic boardgame to the screen on May 18th. Am I the only one who doesn’t remember aliens being involved when they played this game? It’s “you sunk my battleship” not “alien Master Chief dematerialized my battleship with plasma blast”.


  1. Phil Daniels says:

    Uhm Channing Tatum???
    You guys are sooooo mean hahaha

  2. Either they’re mean or they don’t give a s#it.

    As most people shouldn’t.

  3. Gary Duvall says:

    Actually, it looks like Kilowog from Green Lantern in a Master Chief Halloween costume. Also, no, there is no way that movie will not suck.

  4. With any luck people will ignore this before Hasbro tries to greenlight a NERF movie about guns that operate themselves.

  5. GeorgeDWarren says:

    This movies was released a couple weeks ago over here, and sadly, i went to watch it.
    I have never seen a more retarded movie in my entire life. The plot holes are so big, the entire cast and crew could easily sail a ship through them.
    A super advanced race of lizard-men land on earth, create a huge impenetrable force field, have ships that travel at near, or faster than light speed, and NEED TO USE ONE OF OUR SIMPLE TELECOM SATELLITES TO CONTACT THEIR HOME PLANET?!?!?!
    With all the tech that they have, communications should be at the extreme low-end of their potential achievements, they should be able to contact their home planet via something even more advanced than skype!!! oh and rihanna is TERRIBLE. this movie is GARBAGE! do not go!!

    • Really!!! says:

      Are you a facken retard or just watch movies with your eyes closed. The aliens ship that was their communication hub was distroyed thats why they need to used/connect their equipment to the ground communication arrays to send a signal through earth satellite to their system. And as for plot holes, the only hole i see here is the one your talking shit out of idiot. granted rihanna is crap in the entire movie but thats about it.

      • Ok even if that point is true, their communication hub is probably super advanced and uses some kind of quantum communication tech to send messages faster than light, by using our sattelites they can communicate only at light speed, which would probably take a 100 years to reach their home planet if they are a 100 light years away, and thats NOT FAR AT ALL if you talk about scale! so what are they gonna do for a hundred years? fap to pics of your mom? come on, you’re the retard, learn basic physics.

        • MichaelL65 says:

          Geez! Thanks for giving away the plot and ruining this movie for me! I was looking so forward to seeing this on my birthday. I guess I’ll have to settle for Avengers now.

    • YouSunkMyBattleship says:

      Just wanted to say that I have no problem reading spoilers for this movie. Thanks for saving me some cash flow that I wouldn’t have spent in the first place.

    • James says:

      If you pay any attention to the movie, you would have noticed that their communication ship busted up upon entry and ergo they need to find an alternative way to contact their home planet.

  6. shorter126 says:

    Looks cool !

  7. Garga says:

    This is a win preview review lol. It has Liam Nieson in it though…how bad could it be?

  8. bleh says:

    it was alright….. not what I expected but at least I didn’t have to pay

  9. Lord Vader says:

    shorter126- you’re either a “planted” fan, or comatose. I think they’re going to be giving away free DVDs of this film overseas (and free replacements if one gets lost- even in Mumbai).

  10. Fucktardish says:

    I like aliens

  11. jak says:

    it looks nothing like master chief

  12. Lonestarr says:

    Nobody wants to be Channing Tatum. Ever.

  13. Oxol says:

    I was thinking Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mister Freeze from the old Batman movies.

  14. dinz says:

    who cares. i haven’t even seen this trash and I can still tell you it is shit. Pure garbage that Hollywood carelessly tosses out, throws out tons of $ in advertising, and expects the best. If you want to see an actual sci-fi movie that will not blow, go see Prometheus. Gonna be awesome.

  15. Kennneth R Lugo C says:

    Great Movie! Also…Ignorance, ignorance everywhere!
    Tomorow people will say that “Twilight saga” is a piece of art and Avengers movie sucks right?

  16. cody Irvine-MacDonald says:

    Looks more like a brute off of halo more than anything! Yous are delusional.