Up Close And Personal With The New Captain Kirk

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p1193044.JPGIf there’s one thing we Star Trek fans may want to get our hands on more than a decent picture of the new Enterprise, it’s a good look at the new guy who thinks he’s going to play Captain Kirk.

His name is Chris Pine, and unless you’re willing to go out and rent the awful movie he made with Lindsay Lohan a few years ago (and trust me, it’s not worth it), then your first place to get a feel for what he’s all about will be in the upcoming movie Bottle Shock. In it, he plays the son of Bill Pullman, a California wine maker. Pine sports long, flowing locks and spends much of the movie getting drunk, smoking pot, and looking damned pretty.

Our friends over at Cinema Blend got a chance to meet Chris up close and personal at the Sundance Film Festival this year. Their assessment: A nice guy who inexplicably wore a belly shirt. No really. The guy’s t-shirt, for some reason, didn’t cover his belly button. Maybe if my belly button was that chiseled I’d want to show it off too.

Below are a few pics from one of their encounters with Pine, at the Bottle Shock press conference.



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