Check Out These Star Wars Kitchen Knives

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You really do not get much cooler than Star Wars and as a guy who has had his Jedi card for over 30 years, I am a huge, huge Star Wars fan. So I was as giddy as a Jawa picking up some new Droids when I was asked to check out some cool Star Wars kitchen knives (and another cool Star Wars kitchen items) I was all in and could not wait to put these through their paces like Yoda did to Luke on Dagobah…. Are these reviews going to be full of terrible Star Wars puns and references? You bet your hairy Wookie butt they are!


Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block, Set of 5

The first thing I got to have a look at really blew me away. This is a set of five different kitchen knives. There is a cooks knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife and a paring knife. Look I am an amateur cook, but I can tell you all these knives are super sharp and cut through meat, cheese and anything else I tested them with so I was very impressed. The knives are made with stainless steel and have a plastic handle. I do feel they could have used a little thicker plastic here, but I get the reason why they have used a lighter plastic.

The reason is that these do not just go in a boring old knife block! When these are all inserted into the block they look like an X-Wing! It is just so darn cool, it was very easy to set up just a couple of screws and it was up and running. If Alderaan had a couple of these they might have been able to strike on the Death Star first before they were blown up. The price can be a little high on this, but man it is just awesome. If you are a Star Wars fan and want something that is a little geeky, but also classy in your kitchen you really cannot go wrong with this.

Looks awesome
Knives are really sharp
Has five knives
Looks like an X-Wing

Price is a little high
Does require a little bit of setting up


Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Utensil Set

Next up I have this really cool little set of Star Wars utensils that would make a great gift for any Star Wars fan. The first thing I want to mention is that these will not cost you a million Republic Credits. These can be had for around ten bucks, so they are an absolute steal and they look cool. The Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Utensil set has a fork, spoon and a knife, all you need to chow down on some good food. So it really is a complete kitchen set that is ideal for any Jedi, Padawan or even Sith!

The idea of this set is that each utensil is designed after a particular Lightsaber. For the fork we have Luke’s Lightsaber, thespoon is Yoda’s and the knife is Darth Vader’s Lightsaber. Now, this is not 100 percent confirmed, but if you are holding Darth Vader’s Lightsaber knife, you might be able to use The Force to bring the toast and butter to you! Each utensil is made of stainless steel and the handles are molded very well and for the price they do have a lot of little details that capture each characters respective Lightsaber. The only thing that would have made these any cooler would be if they actually made Lightsaber noises when you used them, but if they did I fear my wife would ban them from the kitchen table, but I could always make her realize that these are not the utensils she was looking for so they should be safe.

Handles look like actual Lightsabers
Price is very reasonable
Would make a great gift
Quality is actually very high

Knife is not the sharpest
They are not dishwasher safe


Star Wars Death Star Wood Cutting Board

So you have that awesome X-Wing knife set or maybe you just want to butter some toast with your Darth Vader knife and not want to get crumbs all over the counter top. Well, that is where this Death Star cutting board comes in. If you want to bring death to your meat or toast, do it in style with this cutting board. I was more of a cut things on the table and get yelled at by the wife kind of guy. But this looks so cool I do actually use it a lot. It is 11 inches in diameter and a solid half inch thick and the wood feels very solid and strong and I have had no problems at all with splinters or anything like that. But at the end of the day, it is made from wood so if you are rough with it, you have to expect that there will be some nicks and cuts.

The actual graphic of the Death Star is very well done. I do not know how they carved this, but they did a fantastic job and the photos really do not do justice just how much like the Death Star this looks. There is also no set up at all so do not worry, the Death Star Wood Cutting Board will be fully operational as soon as you take it out of the box. The asking price is right around 25 bucks and I think that is a fair price and it makes it a very affordable gift for a Star Wars fan.

Death Star looks cool
Wood feels solid
Perfect if you want to blow up Alderaan
Any Star Wars fan would love it

Will warp if you try and clean it in a dish washer
There are cheaper Star Wars chopping boards out there


Thoughts On Star Wars Kitchen Knives & Kitchen Products

I just wanted to add a little extra bit to these reviews and tell you that Star Wars kitchen knives really would be a great and pretty unexpected gift for any Star Wars fan that is out there. They will have a ton of action figures, mugs, t-shirts and so on. But kitchen knives is something a little different and cool. So I do think that they would make a great gift. Heck, I am a huge Star Wars fan and I would have been over the Forest Moon Of Endor if I got one of these as a gift.


So How Awesome Are These Star Wars Kitchen Knives?

Well, I cannot pick a clear winner for what is the best product. As cool as the X-Wing knife set is, the price may put it out of reach for some people looking to buy a low cost gift. But the Death Star chopping board and the Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Utensil Set really are cool and will not cost you a ton of money either. This is one of those rare occasions where I was really happy with every product I got to test out so if you are a Star Wars fan like me, you really cannot go wrong with any of these.


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