Which new character will appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2?

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is going to have one new character in the new movie. Although the director has been silent on which character it is going to be, we can have some educated guesses on who is this mysterious person, based on their relationship in the comics. Initially, there were going to be 2 new characters in the original script for GOTG 2 but James Gunn mentioned in his facepost post today that one of of them has been left out. So, it is down to one at the moment.



The biggest unresolved mystery in the first Guardians of the Galaxy concerns the biological father of Starlord. A few hints were given. His mum, for example, mentioned that the father was a “being of light”. Subsequently, the Nova Corps mentioned that half of Starlord’s biology is from an ancient race. From these few hints, it is possible that Starhawk can be a potential father figure for Starlord. Heck, even their names are similarly sounding.



angela guardians of the galaxy
In the original script, one of the two new characters is a female. If the one being dropped is Starlord’s dad then the new character can potentially be Angela. Why? She has been featured prominently in the GOTG comics as a regular team member, more so than any other potential female candidates such as Mantis or Moon Dragon. Since Marvel comics tend to promote characters from the movies, it is a hint that Angela might be the new character.


Adam Warlock

adam warlock gotg 2
Another candidate is Adam Warlock, although the possibility is slim since he is not from an ancient race (He is a human by the way). However, his cocoon did show up in the first GOTG and was eventually cracked open towards the end of the movie. Since Marvel movie is known for playing the long game, it might be planting seeds for his appearance in the sequel.



Nebula guardians of the galaxy 2
Nebula is not technically a new character but the director has made it clear that he loves this character. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see her returning to the movie and somehow becomes part of the team. Nebula is also one of the critical piece of the Infinity Gauntlet storyline hence she might need to reappear again so that Marvel can use her in the Avengers #3: Infinity War movie.



Death GOTG2
This is one of the most unlikely candidate but she is important to the overall MCU storyline as the love interest of Thanos. Obviously Death will not be part of the team as a new member but it is possible she will make cameos similar to how Thanos has appeared in the first movie. Being a cosmic being, Death is immensely powerful so she wouldn’t probably wouldn’t be making any direct contacts with the existing GOTG members.

What do you think of these 5 guesses? Any one characters I missed?


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