CBS Casts Natalie Martinez And Alex Koch For Stephen King’s Under The Dome TV Series

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The TV adaptation of Stephen King’s Under the Dome is set to premiere this June on CBS. The network recently cast actors Natalie Martinez and Alex Koch. The 13-episode series is set in the New England town of Chester’s Mill, where a mysterious, transparent dome covers the town’s limits, hampering its people from leaving its borders.

According to Deadline.com, actor Natalie Martinez will join the Under the Dome cast to play the character of Linda Everett, the newly fired police officer married to physician assistant Eric “Rusty” Everett. Her character is described as ambitious and fiercely loyal. Martinez has appeared on TV series including Detroit 187 and CSI: NY.

Actor Alex Koch was also cast in the role of Junior Rennie, the deeply disturbed son of the most influential man in Chester’s Mill. Junior devolves into a bitter, angry sociopath as soon as the transparent dome appears.

Under the Dome is one of the most anticipated TV series of the summer. It will be the first sci-fi TV series on CBS since the short-lived Jericho, starring Skeet Ulrich, back in 2008. The TV series also sees the return of writer Brian K. Vaughn to television. Vaughn had a short stint as a writer on Lost during the show’s third season in 2006. He developed Under the Dome for Showtime in 2011, but it was eventually acquired by CBS. Steven Spielberg and Stephen King will also produce the series.

Under the Dome will premiere on June 24th at 10PM EST on CBS.


  1. Mase Wehrle says:

    Great book. The ending(In King-speech the last 100 pages)is kind of dark. Anything past 13 episodes is ludacris for this book. It has a finite storyline since their “under the dome”.

  2. Agreed that there is a finite amount of episodes you can make out of this novel. If you stay true to the book, one season is about all you can get out of it I think. However, if CBS were to throw in some artistic license, I’m sure they could squeeze two seasons out of it.

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