Battlestar Galactica Movie Reboot Is Back On, So Say We Blah

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BSGGiven that Ron Moore’s acclaimed Battlestar Galactica reboot has been off the air for five years now, I can’t say I was surprised to hear that Universal is moving forward with a big-screen reboot of the franchise. Honestly, I’m more surprised that they haven’t already rebooted it two or three times in the time since Moore wrapped the series up in controversial fashion. Come on, Hollywood, who has time to wait years between different versions of things? In fact, why don’t you guys go ahead and start development on the Battlestar reboot for after this Battlestar reboot? Just to save everybody some time, you understand.

Word of the once-again-living BSG reboot comes via Variety, which says that Universal wants a “complete reimagining of the story.” Everybody sure does love that word these days, don’t they? “Re-imagining.” The bloke in charge of imagining this re-imagining is current hot-shit screenwriter Jack Paglen, who wrote the upcoming Johnny Depp cautionary tale Transcendence. Variety says Paglen is also committed to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus 2, but the last we heard that was being handled by the dude who wrote Green Lantern.

This isn’t the first time the idea of a feature-film version of BSG has been tossed around since the Sci-Fi Channel series ended. For a while director Bryan Singer was orbiting it, but his version of the project was said to be “on hold” as of this past February. The Variety piece doesn’t mention Singer at all, and his plate is plenty full right now with his return to the X-Men franchise, so I’m guessing “on hold” may have been the diplomatic way of saying “not happening anymore.” Who knows, Singer could still sound off and counteract that assumption, but with Paglen coming aboard to do a new script, this has the air of a ground-up do-over.

Glen Larson, who created the original series that ran from 1978 – 1979, is aboard the new film as a producer. He was also involved with the seemingly aborted Bryan Singer movie version which was first reported back in 2009.

But hey, if Paglen needs some story ideas, I know a guy…


  • http://www.braintarts.wordpress.com/ MichaelL65

    So, Universal wants a “complete re-imagining of the story?” Like what RDM already did in 2003?

  • sparrowlord01

    What they need is an update. Not a re-imagine… Re-imagining is short for “We have no imagination of our own so we will Co-opt someone else’s and mess it up severely…”. I would love to see the same sotryline as the original show, but with updated effects etc. And not some depressing gritty drama with characters that you could not care less about, flying in a ship that needs to be condemned and eventually is. BG was great because of it’s concept…. I was sooo disappointed with the SyFy fiasco that I stopped watching half way through the first season. I eventually saw all of the episodes and was sorry I did.

    • Megazell

      You missed out on some awesome writing and homage to BSG!

    • Funken_A

      SYFY version was AWESOME.. Never missed an episode and I found myself jonesing from Friday to Friday for my next episode.

      LOVED IT!!! Most everyone I turn onto the series loves it as well

      • Seth Forbis

        the syfy version was by far the best, and one of the best shows ive ever seen…

    • lvogt

      The original series was embarrassingly childish. The SyFy version was brilliant. IMHO.

      • kiljoy616

        And the new one was basically Mormon Light sprinkle everywhere. I rather have the original that made more sense than some girl who became a god machine.

  • sounder

    We don’t need Wolverine on Galactica.

  • Joshua Isaac Guttman

    I’d love to see Moore do the same thing he did with BSG to ST:TNG. Make it bigger, more adult, more drama. Give it a long arching story.

    • M’Quve

      Star Trek, BSG, and sci-fi in general needs to go back to “Boldy going where no one has gone before.” and get out of “Soap Opera in Space” mode. We need “science fiction” back in our shows, and not just about “characters and their relationships”. There has to be something interesting for these characters to encounter in space other than just “angst, sex, cynicism and politcs….in Space”. I’d like to see a return to adventure oriented shows with truly sci-fi elements such as cosmic beings and events, eldritch abomimations, big dumb objects, and truly “alien” aliens. Kind of like the old Space 1999 show. I wish Jack Kirby was still alive to do sci-fi today.

      • joebftsplk


      • Gaius Baltar

        For some reason TV sci fi has never made any attempt to depict actual science, though. At least BSG was a brilliant morality play. Plus I got laid a lot.

        • kevin

          Stargate did as much as possible but you gotta remember its Sci-Fi. lol They allways worked with scientists and military personelle to make it as accurate as they could get away with. and most of the science on there is accurate.

      • Kevin

        yeah well you may disagree with me this but I truly think Stargate SG-1 and then Stargate Atlantis had all of that. But Stargate Universe did not. Brad Wright had Atlantis cancelled so he could go ahead with his baby “universe” cause he didn’t want to do two shows at once and wouldn’t let anyone else take over SG-Atlantis. Which is why SG-Universe was cancelled after 2 seasons. Hey Brad, never piss off the fans by lieing to them or destroying a show just because your ego is bigger than anything. lol Joe Mallozzi should of been chosen to take Atlantis over and we would still be enjoying good Space Ship battles and loads of action and adventure and lots and lots of weopons. lol

        • kiljoy616

          SG universe had a lot of realism in it considering it was SciFi. Never felt there was a lot of over the top fantasy and at least their play on the gods where well done. Not unlike Galatica reboot which had so much god themes in it that just felt rammed into the story.

      • Dan Iam

        Right just plenty of ZapZap! BoomBoom!…?
        Really? Thank god you’re not a producer
        Dude, think about it for just a milli sec ok, if you don’t care about the people why would give two shits who gets killed or not?
        STORY is everything – reasons for people to come together and share their fates in a common adventure – not just cheezy macho cliche lines and then get then cue the blasting.
        people can forgive and even get used to crappy or substandard effects if the writing is good – but all the special effects in the world can’t save terrible story lines bad characters and wooden acting (see the Phantom Menace for reference).

        I agree with your idea of the need for more interesting aliens, the Cylons were originally a race of lizard people who built the machines as guardians and tools of war, but they rebelled them came after the closest galactic neighbors in the 12 colonies… what if there are still some of the really smart lizard Cylons in hiding making new weapons and machine to take back their home… then start a new war?

        • M’Quve

          Thanks a lot for totally misinterpreting what I posted. How did you interpret more real science fiction as more ZapZapBoomBoom? I wasn’t saying that TV sci fi needs to be more like The Expendables. I was saying that it needs to be less like Downton Abbey or House of Cards. Caring about the characters is one thing. But this obsession with character development is another. Take the revived Doctor Who series and their attempt to overcompensate for what they though was lack of character development in the old series. I’m not saying the revival show is bad. It has its good points, but they are trying too hard to snare and keep its very large female fanbase (probably larger than that for the original) since televsion in general relies on female viewers.

          I just propose they need to return science fiction back to it’s roots. Adventure, boldly going where no man has gone before. They should, definitely move away and stay away from rubber forehead aliens, though. Those have outlived their usefulness. With the Cylons, I think I remember that the Cylons on the original 1978 show (the only one that matters to me) were actually meant to be reptilian under their armor, not just part of their back history. Glen Larson decided to make them machines because the good guys were going to be blasting a lot of them in the course of the series. Some network mandated sanitized violence apparently. But anyway, the idea of making the Cylons connected to a lizard race is more clever than just making them Terminator derivatives like they did in the reimagined series.

          • Dan Iam

            Hmmm I’m not familiar with your references “Rendezvous with Rama or Ringworld” so I’ll have to check them out and get back to you, but it sounds like the stories that interest you can be told in little bite sized 15 min or 30 min episodes, more than that and you are going to need a lot of dialog to fill the space – and if your just not interested in back story or character development than you have your work cut out trying not to be bored or look dumb..
            So would you argue that the old Star trek had better stories than STTNG or DS9? (if you say Voyager i’ll agree because i could not give a shit about any of those characters past Janeway).
            I still think the human component is the meat of the show. I as well prefer science fiction over most other types or genre but you cant dismiss the pull of shows like Breaking Bad which specifically focus on the drama of human interaction – without it you just have a show about cooking and selling meth, without caring about how or why.
            Plot device are a contrivance of sloppy or lazy writing and are rightly made fun of for being such … but let me look into your suggestions and see what you mean (btw i always appreciate hearing about a good piece of Si fI i may have missed – If you read Manga check out Battle Angel Alita, even James Cameron has turned on to it and after his two Avatar sequels he is planning on making that world come to life).

          • M’Quve

            I can’t say for sure that the original Trek neccesarily had better stories. But when they had plot elements such as monsters (Planet Killers, Space Amoebas), everything the characters did was in reaction to the threat of the week. Looking back I did notice some things in TNG that I found annoying. For example, the episode Relics in which they visit a Dyson Sphere. This is also the same episode in which they discover Scotty still alive. Because the main attraction of that episode was (and had to be) Scotty’s guest appearance and his coping with being a man out of his time, we saw very little of the Dyson Sphere. It was proper for the focus of the story to be on Scotty, but there was really nothing in that episode that mandated a Dyson Sphere. It’s place could have been taken by your run of the mill Space Hulk. The Dyson Sphere was totally wasted in that episode. It should have been saved for an episode that could be devoted to it and whatever was inside of it.

            I hope you check out Rama and Ringworld. They are both good novels that do focus on trying to describe the colossal alien objects that the explorers encounter. However, they don’t have much in the way of characterization. They are either flat or we just get enough to say there is some. But in my opinion, when you have an awesome concept such as these, it’s kind of silly to spend chapters bogged down by sordid details about the astronaut’s (or scientist’s) neuroses, identity crises, family problems, unresolved childhood or sexual issues, and other elements that are much better for a character study. Science Fiction that focuses on character studies is fine, but it should be saved for stories where the SF elements are more mundane to the characters in the story.

            Oh, I must let you know that the first Rama book, Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke is “the classic”. There are several sequels (by Gentry Lee but also using Clarke’s name). But they represent everything I feel is wrong with modern sci-fi and they read more like badly written soap opera. They were evidently written mostly by Lee with Clarke maybe just offering input. They are definitely not Clarke’s style.

            Human stories are possible in SF, but they shouldn’t be the same type of human stories that can be told in other more mainstream genres.

          • Dan Iam

            Seems that you would be more satisfied by stories of new SF discoveries but just not have them related by a character that has too many more concerns than whats at hand, you are interested in the information not the drama as I understand it.

            I think your an explorer at heart as I am and unfortunately we are living in a time and place that has had science and exploration disrupted by religion for hundreds of years. If certain Libraries had not been burned or even just discoveries like geometry and cosmology had not been seen as heresy for the previous 300 years I’m almost certain we would right now be exploring the galaxy and beyond in ways that would make technology in TNG and StarGate look more quaint then the old Star Trek seems to us now.
            Such a shame, because even now there is still way too many conflicts being fought for, stemming from, or rationalized by religious reasons that I don’t think we will see the changes we hoped for as kids or whether or not we will even survive ourselves into the next century, I have my doubts. In all the older SF stories they were sure we would have had flying cars cold fusion and moon colonies by even the year 2000… (I dont think flying cars are a good or safe idea). It seems the main focus of technology is for consumer products, sharper TVs, better graphics cards for video games and faster/broader band communications – all to share or improve media consumption – i look at it as the new improved gladiator arena distractions to keep us all from becoming aware that its just a small handful of people keeping things this way because they get to stay rich and in charge. I wish more people would wake up to this fact , many do along the way to try and fix it they tend to fall into another cultural trap every bit as senseless and destructive to society and progress as religion – Politics, where they have everyone fooled that there’s only two sides and that you and you beliefs fit into only one, so get busy hating the other side and pay no attention to the fact they are both full of shit – its just another system of distraction and control.
            Sorry I’m just a little fed up with lack of intelligence and the still poor quality of life on this rock so i yell out to people that i think have the capacity to commiserate.

          • M’Quve

            “Seems that you would be more satisfied by stories of new SF discoveries but just not have them related by a character that has too many more concerns than whats at hand, you are interested in the information not the drama as I understand it.”

            The kind of character drama I like to see in science fiction is for characters to be transformed by their experiences. Whether it be an ancient alien artifact (The Heeche novels), a gigantic megastructure (Rama, Ringworld), or transcendence (2001 a Space Odyssey). Character studies can explore topics such as metaphysics, existentialism, transhumanism, and other cosmic elements. A good example I remember is from Orson Scott Card’s book on how to write SF and Fantasy. He called this type of SF “millieu oriented”. And he gave a good example: Lemuel Gulliver. Swift cared more about the worlds that Gulliver visited than Gulliver’s background. We were given enough info to feel that Gulliver was intelligent enough to provide commentary on Lilliput, Brodibang, Laputa, and the other lands he visited. Also, he was ordinary enough that a transformation by his experiences was credible.

            On the other hand, when you have your futuristic characters in an environment full of the unknown and mysterious, it just doesn’t seem credible to have your spaceship populated by characters fueled by comparatively mundane and petty concerns such as material greed, sexual lust, political power plays, jealousy, and revenge. In their place, you could have your characters fueled by feelings of crippling inadequacy and impotence in the face of wonders that are so far beyond man as to be incomprehensible. Do you remember Space:1999? Especially the excellent first season. Most of the episodes had them reacting to events instead of initiating them. And then trying to make sense of them. And we got a lot of good drama out of the notion that we humans are insignificant in the cosmic scheme of things.

            I have to agree with you that the technological progress being made today is mostly towards consumer products to make us more docile and complacent sheep. Definitely not the world I dreamed up while reading the Terran Trade Authority books as a kid. Our civilization changes technologically but human mentality stays the same.

          • Amra

            Rendezvous With Rama and the Ringworld series of books are not suited for 15-min episodes. Both are basically the same tale: going to, and trekking across a large (VERY large, in the case of Ringworld), unexplored living structure, with the SCOPE of those treks, across such mind-bogglingly huge mega-structures, and what is discovered along the way, being what carries the tales. Ringworld has inter-species s3x (among sentient hominids) as a major player (Niven is almost embarrassingly focused on this, at times), so there is room for that as an audience draw, as well.

            Too much of what passes for sci-fi nowadays is just that: passing for sci-fi. Tech has increased to ubiquity in our age, so folks oft miss the distinctions involved, but sci-fi’s core purpose is to encourage us to seek after truth, not distract us from it; other factors intrude, for a certainty (piggy-backing it as the new “magic” for plot elements outside of the normal realms of possibility), but true sci fi is abt truth and large concepts. I love good character interactions and witty dialogue, yet a focus on exploration and discovery, reason, and the spirit of giving (as opposed to grabbing/grubbing), provide stories that uplift and ennoble us, rather than pander to lesser instincts. People wanting catty backstabbing, the protection of dirty secrets, and grasping for yet more immediate gratification can always find such distractions in abundance; a respite from such mud-wallowing is welcome, imo.

            That said, Neither story is particularly strong on witty dialogue, except for following the scientific reasoning the characters engage in; Niven has some VERY good jokes, to be fair: (“If you can heat some bourbon, I can drink it. If you cannot heat it, I can still drink it.”). Some wit WOULD need to be injected into the mix for a viable show, especially nowadays when audiences tend towards 1-minute attention spans.

            BTW, Battle Angel Alita (“Gunm”, or “Gun Dream” in Japan) IS awesome, but only borderline hard sci-fi. It has fantasy elements, and far less concern over science than ultraviolence, character identity, and loyalty to friends.

            In Voyager, you liked Janeway but not the EMH?!? EMH was the only good part of the show, imo (Voyager was terrible). Is that “Cap’n Katherine Janeway”, or “Cap’n Katherine Hepburn”? You decide!

          • Dan Iam

            Lol, yeah it’s true Kate Mulgrew’s Janeway is very “Hep”! Her turn as a Russian inmate semi-boss in NetFlix’s popular “Orange is the New Black” is a great leap far and away from the captains chair, its funny and a pretty damn entertaining character when you compare the two.

            **==+NOW THEN+==**
            There is just NO real conceivable or defensible way you could classify Battle Angel Alitta as “borderline Sci-fi” – AT ALL!!
            **SPOILERS** below
            duuuude … It takes place in a post-apocalyptic future… where a discarded cyborg girl (From Mars) has her suspended animation mind restored to a new body… They live in a scrapyard heavily populated by cyborgs while there’s a fortress “floating” above the scrapyard which is an Elysium-like city of untouchables (which is really one end of a Bi- geo- stationary terrestrial bound elevator and planetary ring tether) … You know what I’m just gonna stop right there because, really, so far what I have just described is not even half of the PREMISE an it’s still already Sci-fi as full on fuck! – If you were to resurrect the God Father of Sci -Fi H.G. Wells, and told him the premise so far explained and aske him if it was Sci-Fi? … He would have came twice shit and died again! (then using the remaining voltage of his thought energy to spell HELL YEAH on the nearest smart phone.
            Plus Author/Artist (theamazing) Yukito Kishiro-san is HEAVILY into theoretical physics and he really enjoys explaining in great detail via little add on scripts on pages of the bitchen ideas he uses for his futuristic weapons and technologies including the ridiculously destructive power of his Electro Magnetic Karate techniques…
            Not Sci -Fi !?…. whaa t

          • Patrick Swan

            Not at all, they are completely suited to a serialised treatment. Instead of a 5 year mission to explore strange new worlds, our heroes have a mission to explore ONE strange new world. You can have a different mcguffin every week (for instance the mirror flowers episode), Even treat it like the island in Lost – a backdrop to character drama. But whereas they didn’t have any real answers for Lost, with Ringworld, or Rama, it’s pretty straightforward and there’s a solid backstory and tons of reference material to draw from. Next week: the Ringies discover hyperfilament.

      • G Maurice Cohen

        You have MY vote on that, too!

      • http://www.game-fun.net JonnyHilly

        Watch Dr. Who

        • M’Quve

          Do you mean the new Capaldi episodes? Haven’t seen them yet but I did hear that they’ve tried to go back somewhat to adventure oriented stories. It helps for a change having an older Doctor who’s not intended to appeal to the hormones of teenybopper girls.

      • kiljoy616

        Here here, enough with the soap opera which seems to be all we see in almost everything now. Have you seen how bad “ascension” is, what where they thinking when they made it.
        I feel like so much of Scifi now is just chick flicks.

    • appliance5000

      Less chat – more splat.

  • James

    The original Cylons were the best, visually and sound effect wise. I don’t want to see more of they look like people but they’re really robots sht.

    • Hatterasman

      I also really enjoyed Caprica, which depicted the origin of the Cylons. It was a great sci-fi series, but unfortunately got cancelled too soon, like most sci-fi series seem to be these days.

      • Dan Iam

        Cparica was pretty neat but the Original Cylons were suposed to have been an intelligent alien race of reptilian origins – something the BSG universe has never had and i think would have been very interesting… Aliens. Heck In the new BSG it could have even pulled the two warring factions together and united them as one race from the same place, fighting for survival against a new more powerful enemy…. just a thought

    • Patrick Swan


  • Timmy Hogan

    I’m from the Generation X Committee for Joint SciFi Worlds, and we want, Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar universes to overlap. You’re confusing too many youngsters with these stories. How far can you go with this ragtag fleet of astrologically confused humans and their identity crisis?!

    Battlestar apparently reached Earth in the late pleistocene, so either that means they are progenitors of homo sapiens sapiens and therefore the Federation. We need this worked out for when this galaxy is contacted from the far more advanced Star Wars civilizations. Come one, do it for the kids today, do it for us 70’s kids.

  • Martin A Knapp

    How about Galactica Revelations? It’s about a young man who has for years dreamed of battlestar,Adama,Caprica and of course number 5. New unchristianed battlestar stored in a asteroid 600,000 years get picked up in time to get back to earth to fight back evolved Cylons trying to end humanity for the final time. Need me to go on?

  • terryinindy

    How will it be “re-imagined” this time? Adama as a Black Woman? Starbuck as a Cyborg with no real gender left to speak of? Gender/Race switching just to be different blows and I’m sorry the RMD version was little more than angst with special effects. How about something REALLY different and we try picking from the literal millions of stories and sources that haven’t been beaten to absolute death by being rebooted again and again?

  • kiljoy616

    As long as its not that lame ending BS. The god machine who would have guessed.

  • Robin

    This video is the kind of reboot that I would like to see not versus the one where the characters went from blasters to bullet ridden guns, space style uniforms to suit and ties [sic] humanoids looking Cylons, corded telephones for communication devices? and let’s not talk about how they changed the primary characters. That was not Battle Star Galactica. That version in my opinion was nothing more than an insult to fans. This version, in a video shown continues the legacy.

  • lvogt

    The problem with most TV and film science-fiction is that it is nothing more than a standard action movie that happens to be set in space or some dystopian future. For most of them the same story could be told as a western. For the most part there are no serious scientific ideas. They’re just excuses for extended action sequences. That does not necessarily make for a bad movie but it isn’t what the best science-fiction is about.

    • Paul Itiks

      The original Galactica was/is often referred to as Battlestar Ponderosa with reference to prior work by Lorne Greene. While I agree that SF is often an old story just in a different setting, that sort of describes most writing today. It’s all the same, just with different actors in a different setting: Boy meets girl… or retired tough guy becomes reluctant hero… or an improbable group finds itself in impossible circumstances… Yes, we need better writing, but unfortunately we also need audiences that can understand and accept something that’s just outside the common bubble of experience. The reality is that too many people won’t pay for anything outside of their own reality.

  • kiljoy616

    Oh great more Mormon Light.

  • Paul Itiks

    Interesting to see how far this flies now that Mr Larson is no longer with us.

  • sounder

    The science fiction version of Exodus. Science fiction and Bible stories mix well.

  • http://guideme.blogspot.com/ Mike Frett

    Aren’t you people tired of reboots yet?. 2015 is the biggest year yet with almost all movies being a reboot of something.

    Here’s an idea: How about something ORIGINAL.