Battlestar Galactica Movie Reboot Is Back On, So Say We Blah

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BSGGiven that Ron Moore’s acclaimed Battlestar Galactica reboot has been off the air for five years now, I can’t say I was surprised to hear that Universal is moving forward with a big-screen reboot of the franchise. Honestly, I’m more surprised that they haven’t already rebooted it two or three times in the time since Moore wrapped the series up in controversial fashion. Come on, Hollywood, who has time to wait years between different versions of things? In fact, why don’t you guys go ahead and start development on the Battlestar reboot for after this Battlestar reboot? Just to save everybody some time, you understand.

Word of the once-again-living BSG reboot comes via Variety, which says that Universal wants a “complete reimagining of the story.” Everybody sure does love that word these days, don’t they? “Re-imagining.” The bloke in charge of imagining this re-imagining is current hot-shit screenwriter Jack Paglen, who wrote the upcoming Johnny Depp cautionary tale Transcendence. Variety says Paglen is also committed to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus 2, but the last we heard that was being handled by the dude who wrote Green Lantern.

This isn’t the first time the idea of a feature-film version of BSG has been tossed around since the Sci-Fi Channel series ended. For a while director Bryan Singer was orbiting it, but his version of the project was said to be “on hold” as of this past February. The Variety piece doesn’t mention Singer at all, and his plate is plenty full right now with his return to the X-Men franchise, so I’m guessing “on hold” may have been the diplomatic way of saying “not happening anymore.” Who knows, Singer could still sound off and counteract that assumption, but with Paglen coming aboard to do a new script, this has the air of a ground-up do-over.

Glen Larson, who created the original series that ran from 1978 – 1979, is aboard the new film as a producer. He was also involved with the seemingly aborted Bryan Singer movie version which was first reported back in 2009.

But hey, if Paglen needs some story ideas, I know a guy…


  • http://www.braintarts.wordpress.com/ MichaelL65

    So, Universal wants a “complete re-imagining of the story?” Like what RDM already did in 2003?

  • sparrowlord01

    What they need is an update. Not a re-imagine… Re-imagining is short for “We have no imagination of our own so we will Co-opt someone else’s and mess it up severely…”. I would love to see the same sotryline as the original show, but with updated effects etc. And not some depressing gritty drama with characters that you could not care less about, flying in a ship that needs to be condemned and eventually is. BG was great because of it’s concept…. I was sooo disappointed with the SyFy fiasco that I stopped watching half way through the first season. I eventually saw all of the episodes and was sorry I did.

    • Megazell

      You missed out on some awesome writing and homage to BSG!

    • Funken_A

      SYFY version was AWESOME.. Never missed an episode and I found myself jonesing from Friday to Friday for my next episode.

      LOVED IT!!! Most everyone I turn onto the series loves it as well

      • Seth Forbis

        the syfy version was by far the best, and one of the best shows ive ever seen…

  • sounder

    We don’t need Wolverine on Galactica.

  • Joshua Isaac Guttman

    I’d love to see Moore do the same thing he did with BSG to ST:TNG. Make it bigger, more adult, more drama. Give it a long arching story.

    • M’Quve

      Star Trek, BSG, and sci-fi in general needs to go back to “Boldy going where no one has gone before.” and get out of “Soap Opera in Space” mode. We need “science fiction” back in our shows, and not just about “characters and their relationships”. There has to be something interesting for these characters to encounter in space other than just “angst, sex, cynicism and politcs….in Space”. I’d like to see a return to adventure oriented shows with truly sci-fi elements such as cosmic beings and events, eldritch abomimations, big dumb objects, and truly “alien” aliens. Kind of like the old Space 1999 show. I wish Jack Kirby was still alive to do sci-fi today.

      • joebftsplk


      • Gaius Baltar

        For some reason TV sci fi has never made any attempt to depict actual science, though. At least BSG was a brilliant morality play. Plus I got laid a lot.

        • kevin

          Stargate did as much as possible but you gotta remember its Sci-Fi. lol They allways worked with scientists and military personelle to make it as accurate as they could get away with. and most of the science on there is accurate.

      • Kevin

        yeah well you may disagree with me this but I truly think Stargate SG-1 and then Stargate Atlantis had all of that. But Stargate Universe did not. Brad Wright had Atlantis cancelled so he could go ahead with his baby “universe” cause he didn’t want to do two shows at once and wouldn’t let anyone else take over SG-Atlantis. Which is why SG-Universe was cancelled after 2 seasons. Hey Brad, never piss off the fans by lieing to them or destroying a show just because your ego is bigger than anything. lol Joe Mallozzi should of been chosen to take Atlantis over and we would still be enjoying good Space Ship battles and loads of action and adventure and lots and lots of weopons. lol

    • appliance5000

      Less chat – more splat.

  • James

    The original Cylons were the best, visually and sound effect wise. I don’t want to see more of they look like people but they’re really robots sht.

    • Hatterasman

      I also really enjoyed Caprica, which depicted the origin of the Cylons. It was a great sci-fi series, but unfortunately got cancelled too soon, like most sci-fi series seem to be these days.