Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome Trailer Delivers Hardcore Space Action

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The future of the BSG spin-off Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome remains uncertain. A pilot has been shot but the SyFy Channel still hasn’t decided what if anything they’ll do with it. Maybe we’ll never see Blood & Chrome, but at least we have the television show’s first trailer. And it’s good. Really good.

The following Blood & Chrome teaser was shown at a press event. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a BSG spin-off all crammed into one video. Watch it while it lasts…

If the above embed stops working here’s an alternative…

The trailer only hints at the plot of the show, in favor of kicking it with wall to wall action. But Blood & Chrome is actually a prequel to BSG, following the career of a young Adama back when he was called Husker and embroiled in humanity’s earlier conflicts with the Cylons.

The trailer appears to be everything you’ve ever wanted in a BSG spinoff. It’s everything Caprica wasn’t. I’m in. The fact that SyFy might be considering simply shelving this flat out incredible looking show is mind-boggling. Especially when you consider that they put that snooze-fest that was Caprica on the air. The pilot at least deserves to be seen.

If you agree, tell SyFy to air Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome by clicking here.

For more on the virtual sets used in making BSG: Blood & Chrome (that’s why some of the backgrounds look a little odd) go here.


  1. Lolly says:

    *head explodes* March 2013!!! Grrrrr

  2. Guest says:

    SyFy has gotten stupid the past few years in thier program choices.

  3. I was not prepared for how awesome that was. The only thing that bothers me, is that with all of those action set pieces in a 90min pilot, is there room for a story there?

  4. How on earth could you think this series wouldn’t be a massive success, perhaps exceeding even the love we had for BSG??? Looks phenomenal, everything you’d want!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    sifee has not so much gotten stupid as they have gotten CHEAP.

  6. infallible says:

    Hmm.  Caprica was intelligent, memorable, thought-provoking, and well-written.  If this is “everything that Caprica wasn’t,” then what does that say?

    • Sunnydalesucks says:

      Caprica was brilliant at times, and striking, but it had so many issues that it collapsed under its own weight. With most programs, even a casual viewer can pick out an episode title or two by name as a “favorite,” or even as merely memorable. For instance, “33,” “Dirty Hands,” or “No Exit.” If you’re a fan, you immediately recognize the names and can remember details from these episodes that you liked. The titles of Caprica episodes sound like the metaphysical nonsense vomited by the hybrids, and it’s difficult to remember what happens in a single episode, even after a couple of viewings. 

      Caprica didn’t have that memorability factor: it posited itself as one long, unbroken narrative, which usually worked, but issues of pacing were horrible, i.e., when it stuck a character in a subplot to give them something to do while the rest of the cast moved into position for the next episode. Recall that Joe Adama’s entire plot for one episode was just calling Sam on the phone to bug him about the hit on Amanda Graystone. Or the painfully long sequence wherein Tamara’s internet boyfriend dicked Joe around for a few minutes about whether or not he can fly in New Cap City. The show was more philosophical than its parent, yes, and more spiritual, but by no means was it better. 

      And the CGI effects of the city itself looked AWFUL. The only difference between the buildings in the “real world” and the ones in New Cap City was that the ones in the video games were SUPPOSED to look fake. I’m not generally one to let effects ruin my viewing of a show (I love Doctor Who), but it was terribly distracting. 

  7. James Burke says:


    Syfy pulled the plug on this series!  I guess they had to spend too much money on the horrible programs they have on now!

  8. Matty'O says:

    Too bad the brilliant minds at SyFy already canceled Blood & Chrome before it even had a chance to air. … I truly hate them.

  9. JW says:

    WOW!!! You shouldn’t even be allowed to write a blog about scifi, if you didn’t feel Caprica was television at it’s best!

    • Guest says:

      What a ridiculous statement. 

      (Perhaps I should reply with “WOW!!! You shouldn’t even be allowed to comment about scifi if you thought it WAS television at its best”) 

  10. sy fy game changer i totally agree. sci fi has been lacking with no star trek, star wars, or stargates these days. tired of the wolf/vampire stuff cant wait for a new bsg.

  11. Darryl Johnson says:

    I’m sorry I do not want to see wrestling, and ghosts and
    someone making monsters! I used to like SyFy but they have gotten too bad with
    stupid shows! That has nothing to do with SyFy! What’s wrong with blood and

  12. Martyngrace says:

    What’s wrong with the scifi channel!! This looks great.  They dont make good sci fi anymore! All they care about is grown men throwing each other around and ghosts coming out of your ass!

  13. SyFy "y" bother! says:

    Epic fail on Sy Fy’s behalf….. In al honesty don’t subscribe to the channel until it becomes Sci Fi again. I live in Aus and we still have Sci Fi channel…. I think it was changed in the US to y for why would you bother! Our free to air channels are tripping over space based shows at monent…. I can get every show that used to be on sci fi now on free to air…whats the incentive to pay for this station…. er…none! So they follow up by making and epic show (by the looks) of this and not signing it on?….Every show I can buy in a box set for next to nothing and watch reruns that sci fi has…. the rest is just crap…. have a hook! produce this series!…. get marketshare! There has never been a better time to do true science fiction it has crossed over into the box office. NBC and ABC have science fiction shows planned! It seems the only people not doing actual sci fi is the sy fy channel.

  14. Ivison1985 says:

    wow that looked mint and if WE ALL TUNE IN AND WATCH then they’ll probably change their minds as it’ll go from a risk to a winner like the original movie went from two parter to 4 seasons.

  15. Mike says:

    I’m from Germany an i love the Trailer!!!! Pleaz let’s START BSG: Blood and Chrome!!!!!

  16. ctm says:

    Come on sci fi wake up and smell the coffee make the series and make some money. And get someone in marketing to sort out the franchise ie toys etc