Battleship Submerges As The Most Disappointing Movie Of The Year

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battleshipMove over John Carter, Battleship has surpassed you as the most disappointing movie of the year. With such high hopes in launching a new possible franchise and a new trend in adapting board games into movies, Battleship has only grossed $59.8 million in North America after four weeks in release. This figure is $7 million fewer than John Carter’s forth week box office.

The director of Battleship, Peter Berg said at the Produced By conference, an event with some of the biggest directors and producers in Hollywood coming together to address the issues of the industry…

I have a movie in theaters right now which has obviously underperformed in many ways… When [a movie] doesn’t work, it’s an … interesting opportunity to look at what went wrong and how it went wrong.

So what went wrong with Battleship? Was it the generic alien invasion premise? Was it the lousy script? Was it the lack of charisma from stars Taylor Kitsch and Brooklyn Decker? Or was it the fact that this movie was based on a child’s board game? I say all of the above. Battleship had many problems and it’s good to see general audiences respond to this film by not ultimately seeing it.

Peter Berg has his own theories. He says…

It was a movie that I tried as hard as I could to get inside of… But the concept is so big and powerful, and the money is so big and so powerful, that the movie is going to run away with itself.

Battleship is closing in on a $295 million worldwide box office, jarring proof that in this day and age that a movie can gross over $295 million and still be considered a bomb, thanks to less discerning international audiences. Honestly, John Carter is a better movie. It’s a good piece of science fiction. It’s full of imagination, energy and it has a great sense of world building. Poor Taylor Kitsch. He starred in them both.


  • Kt333

    John Carter was a great film that would have done better if it was marketed properly. I thought Battleship was fun though the story was a little weak. I thought Kitsch was great in both.

  • JC Fan 4 Life

    Yeah, the only thing John Carter and Battleship have in common is their star, Taylor Kitsch. I loved him in John Carter, but Battleship didn’t look interesting to me, so I stayed away. It had nothing to do with the press. They can suck it for the hatchet job they did on reviewing John Carter at the time of its release. What a bunch of sharks and trolls. Thanks America for listening to them! :(

    Finally, the tide is turning and real people are checking out John Carter for themselves on DVD/Blu-Ray, itunes, etc. Why couldn’t they have been this curious in March? Why didn’t they think for themselves? Arggg! No matter – but next time anyone tries telling you it was a flop or tries linking this film with Battleship, let them know that John Carter’s done over $280 million at box office and over $40 in Blu-Ray/DVD sales IN SPITE of Disney’s bad marketing and the press’s horrific gang-up on this fantastic film.

    5 Resident Evil Films, 4 Underworld films, 2 Ghost Rider films, 2 Fantastic Four films…etc. John Carter is actually a REALLY GOOD film that deserves a sequel, unlike most of those others I mentioned. Disney just needs to market it correctly and watch the budget. Maybe film Parts 2 & 3 at once with a reduced budget? They’ve already done so much groundwork (CG modeling, design work, casting, scripting, etc), it would be a shame to throw it all away.

    The second book – The Gods of Mars – wouldn’t be as nearly as difficult to get on film. They’ve already done all the heavy lifting. There’s much less alien action and less CG would be required. Hopefully someone at Disney is listening.

    Read ERB’s books if you’re hungry for more.

    Google “backtobarsoom” if you’re interested in a sequel.

  • Rod Galindo

    JOHN CARTER was great, espeically considering it was based on a 100+ year old story and improved upon it! Hopefully DVD sales and rentals and a cult following and future Cons will give the movie and the actors and actresses the recognition they deserve.

  • Rod Galindo

    I didn’t see Battleship, but I will eventually. I figure what doomed it from the start was the fact that everyone went, “they’re making the game I played as a kid into a movie?? And now there are aliens??? WHAT????” They should have saved the aliens for another film and stuck with a thriller premise for this one like The Hunt for Red October. Now THAT would have made for a great Battleship movie!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7UCVVEO3Q5FAW27PMFXRXPX7XM scott

    Prometheus was the most disappointing because it looked so good but the writing was so bad. Nobody was expecting battleship to be good.

  • ceallaig

    Well, I wasn’t disappointed by it, I went in knowing what to expect, and I had a good time. And Gregory Gadson blew me away — I know he’s busy with his real job these days, but I hope he makes some more film appearances at some point (hint: the uniform at the end of the film was real, and so were the medals on it) It was just plain fun, and so was John Carter. As marvin30 said, not the Godfather, but well worth my time and money.

  • guest34

    295 mill is not a flop. at all.

  • Melanie

    I think it was unnecessary to even make it an alien movie, to be honest.

  • Chris

    JC was a great movie. Sequels needed

  • http://www.facebook.com/eewestjan Jan Austin

    While I enjoyed watching Battleship for fun, John Carter is certainly a brilliant and exceptional film. It’s so nice to see so many positive comments here about John Carter. The truth is, John Carter has made approx $300 million now in box-office (both domestic and internationally) which also includes DVD sales. It was #1 in sales the first week, and continues to be the most ‘pirated’ film to date. So it’s not quite the ‘flop’ the media is still putting out there (no one does their homework it seems and loves to cut & paste). Disney’s internal conflicts and politics certainly played a key role in the very bad marketing of John Carter (of Mars) which just celebrated it’s 100 year Edgar Rice Burroughs Centennial. And, so very nice to know that Lucas, Spielberg and James Cameron (Avatar) all read John Carter of Mars when they were young. So did the creator of Superman. There are thousands and thousands of fans from all over the world working to get a Sequel to John Carter. So definitely stay tuned! And if you want to join us and go Back To Barsoom, we would love to have you! BacktoBarsoom.com

  • Thumper

    The problem was that you have a good young cast `who`speak in either Twilight or PC at the studio`s direction (i personally dont like either), the audience tunes them out. Also, a microphone that records in Twilight (or PC), words across a parking lot (ya, whatever!), the movie goes south, as does that Porno kissing (the drip, drool, suck, smack smack, suck, suckkk, smack! smack!! kissing…just like a porn queen giving head), like just fucking leave it alone Hollywood!), the movie loses out. Every time!

  • Joneseph

    What?! Battleship was the most disappointing movie of 2012? Are you serious… Was anybody honestly expecting that movie to be any good? I didn’t even consider going to watch it. It sounded shit, the trailer looked shit and most of the cast are shit. Rihanna ffs!!! She’s not even an actress. How can a movie that was obviously going to be shit be such a disappointment to people?

  • Henry

    something tells me that they didn’t see the movie and says it sucks like DOOM they say it’s terrible no its not there both epic movies good script good timings goog story lines!

  • jsmith0552

    Question, who’s idea was it to include “aliens” in a film called Battleship in the first place? Why did Battleship need aliens? The fact that it was based on a kids board game has zero to do with why it failed. The first Pirates of the Carribean was based on a Disneyland theme park ride, but the writer’s wrote a fun screenplay,and wove a extremely entertaining story out of it. The producers didn’t put much effort into this from the beginning.

  • Delmarva

    Better late than never – saw John Carter by accident as re a timing foul-up, and while lightweight never have understood the panning it got. Wasn’t bad at all, had some laughs, some likeable characters, was never boring. If anything the MARKETING was bad, but the movie has never deserved the pounding it got. As a narrative sure flowed together better than some stuff I’ve seen, and it is enjoyable. Haven’t even seen Battleship yet but based on the comments EXPECT it to be stupid. That’s way better than looking forward to Prometheus for months, rewatching the trailer, believing it will be landmark film, and ending up feeling “eh”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000598631587 Mateus Campos

    Disagree. Prometheus will be second to none. Fuck R. Scott!

  • bunny69

    I went into it thinking it was going to be crap; heck even my 15 year old shunned me when he saw that I picked Battleship to watch on cable. But lo and behold: it was actually kind good in a goofy sort of way. Everyone was pretty good looking so it was easy on the eyes and the FX were pretty decent. Not to bad!

  • kirbyfan

    I’ll take Battleship over John Carter anyday, I like alien invasion movies!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=601725305 Jeff Rittenour

    This is tripe. Battleship was enjoyable for what it was. Who thought a movie based on a board game would be any good? as GOB Bluth would say “C’mon!?”

    Prometheus – that was disappointing. The Dark Knight Rises – THAT was disappointing. Avengers – it too was a little weak… Paranormal Activity 4 was STRAIGHT SHITE – after 2 disappointing first entries and a great 3rd. One of the worst movies i’ve EVER seen. Alex Cross – there’s another HUGE disappointment…couldn’t even be as good as Kiss The Girls OR even Along Came a Spider for that matter.

    A better list would be pleasant suprises. Like MIB III, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Amazing Spider-Man, etc etc…

  • Goodfa

    I watched both batleship and john carter and really enjoyed both of them. People have to stop wineing over how every movie is not an oscar winning performance. Battleship was an action movie based on a kids boardgame. A sit back, don`t think and enjoy movie. Thats what i expected and thats what i got. I think the main reason battleship did so bad is because all of the useless critics who can`t make movies and only b**** about them gave it such a bad rap before it even hit cinemas. I gladly bought both and have watched them several times.

  • arthurwhigham

    I thought it was a great movie. And rihanna was a pleasant surprise she was good too

  • http://www.facebook.com/denise.m.barron.5 Denise M Barron

    The hype, did make it out to be Big and it was just

  • kangleicha

    Battleship was pretty good. Not disappointing as some people thinks. They must be crazy who take this movie a appointment’s

  • battleship fan41

    wow!!!..thats sooo unfair and full of B S!!!..i saw the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it and iv watched it 3 times in the cinema and i v bought both blue ray and standard dvd releases and iv only ever done that with transformers!!..ok it didn t make that much money but it definatly does nt deserve the title of most disappointing movie of the year..NO WAY NO HOW!!!! .who comes up with this crap anyway obviously the person who is biased against good action movies and is deaf dumb and blind and someone who does nt know what a good movie is if it came down and smacked them in the face!!!.. we did nt expect it to win any oscars !!! but it was a great action movie and deserved a lot better..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Austin/100000930818017 Tim Austin

    I expected Battleship to suck,I mean its based on a board game guess what ? its much better than it had a right to be .I wanted Jon carter to be the start of a new fransise,but the studio cut “of mars” from the title and went out of ther way to make it flop ,its a good solid movie. Want to talk dissopointing? Promethius and the dark knight returns ! both hyped to the moon and both have scripts with so many big holes in them you could drive a battleship though them

  • Wyp


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Noh/100001051202905 Ryan Noh

    If Battleship was the most disappointing movie for people then this year is the height of consumer stupidity. Who could go into that movie with ANY expectations at all. If they were disappointed it’s their own fault.

    That movie (which I rented for $3.99 off I-Tunes) gave me everything I wanted from it, which was very little, and somewhat exceeded it. Plenty of special effects and neat designs. I can’t imagine what the heck people were expecting from it..I mean the inspiration was a BOARD GAME ffs..

  • sapper

    what do people expect from a movie that is adapted from a board game with the original premise as thing as that small plastic wall separating you and your kid brother’s battleships. I knew it was gonna be a no-brainer action flick thus i wasn’t dissapointed.

    Well said though Marvin, MILLION BILLION times better than Transformers 2 and 3 and god knows how many more

  • http://www.facebook.com/JonRacioppi Jon Racioppi

    I think the problem is that they based it off a board game that really didnt have much merit to be turned into a movie… now if you make it as a standalone movie and say it has no ties into the board game, possibly rename it, people wouldnt not bash it nearly as much. It was just setting itself to be picked on well before it was given a chance.

  • Amelia

    The trailers were the real problem. I didn’t go see John Carter or Battleship because I didn’t know what either one of them were about. The trailers were vague, only revealing big budgets, which made me think there wasn’t a plot worth talking about. I watch movies for the stories, not the explosions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/billy.mintsopoulos Billy Mintsopoulos

    “Battleship is closing in on a $295 million worldwide box office, jarring proof that in this day and age that a movie can gross over $295 million and still be considered a bomb, thanks to less discerning international audiences.” Less discerning? What a pretentious douche-bag. To like a movie the critics panned does not make one ‘less discerning’. Smug moron. BTW, I loved Daredevil too.

  • peppergarlic


  • hellolance


    the year would hve been a smash success! I would emphasize PIVOTAL and not that these movies were terrible but they were no where close to their potential!

    #5 SKYFALL not terrible, but terribly cartoonish and an overall yet slight let down!

    #4 The Hobbit also not terrible, even less original! Coulda turned the whole vibe around!

    #3 Men in Black III approached bad and burned the talents of Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee and Chill Will? on that ensemble snoozer? BOOOO!

    #2 Django- sooo controversial! my $%#@! Django was simply an incomplete! No soul, no direction, embarassingly under researched and sophmoric…

    #1 Bourne Legacy- What a title! What an embarrassment… Hey Jeremy Renner go hide!

    and again i’d emphasize the potential cause all 5 had a shot to be amazing!
    and alongside Zero Dark, Argo, Dark Knight Rises, etc woulda given off a totally different vibe.

    2012 stunk!

  • N12

    “thanks to less discerning international audiences.”

    This made me laugh so hard, I didn’t realize I needed it. Thanks, mate!

    Oh, and do you know why most of the world (including all of your allies) think many of you are completely insulated and thus lack any broader understanding of the world, are deafened by propaganda and riddled with misplaced jingoism with your “American Exceptionalism” and God-given right to be the most influential country on this planet, are boorish and unintelligent, ridiculously proud of themselves and hysterically arrogant? Because of people like you proudly displaying that exact kind of ignorance – ignorance that would be inexcusable were you not living in your little blinders-on dystopia called ‘Murika.

  • http://twitter.com/Thogstacker Matt Hiebert

    No. Prometheus.

  • Jacksie

    Anyone who stars Rihanna in their movies has already condemned it to failure.

  • Joe

    I say the Dark Knight Rises was more dissapointing. Battleship really didn’t have much hype at all.

  • fuckstaten

    i loved the movie…keep them coming

  • http://www.facebook.com/manderscheid.aaron Aaron Manderscheid

    John Carter was a Excellent movie great from start to finish could have shaved the run time by 15 or 20 minutes but other then being a bit long it was awesome , Battleship good special effects Taylor is solid but just has shitty luck and the script wasn’t so great. Back to John Carter the advertising for it was not good at all Green Lantern got better publicity and we all know how bad it was !!! Good Luck Taylor eventually u will have a hit maybe as Remy LaBeux from the Wolverine X-Men Universe not familiar with the Comics enough to know if Gambit is a stand alone X-Man ????

  • Macranthunter

    How was a predictably terrible movie that turns out to be terrible a disappointment? Also, those who hated John Carter…didn’t see the film. the film was harmless entertainment at worst and one of the best space operas in years at best. John Carter wasn’t a flop, it’s just COOL to say it was.

  • biji-o

    i haven’t seen this movie and hopefully never will. (you say it’s a choice to see movies and of course it is, but sometimes you’ll see something with a group and it’s not at all up to you after all. you either bug out and look like a lame-o or stay and watch the bowl of shit. this happened with a movie called “teeth”, which i actually DID leave during. nothing’s worse than an unfunny, vile mess of mangled dicks and toothed snatches, man…)

  • http://www.facebook.com/theoriginaldjfender Fender Edwards

    Looks Like This Battleship Took a plunge of Titanic Proportions.

  • SaucySnoop

    Funny how everyone is confusing John Carter’s box office failure with the quality of the movie. It’s a great pop corn movie. Battleship is a terrible flick though. It’s actually the total opposite of John Carter, because it was over hyped and drew way more attention than it deserved in the end.

  • [email protected]

    Love both films x

  • TrueAmerican56

    Battleship’s script was not great, I ended up not liking the lead character. Here is the problem with the movie, Hawaii has lots of military bases, Pearl Harbor wouldn’t have every ship on exercise, the navy wouldn’t have taken a criminal and turned him into an officer, or within that short of a period. Also, the first time he got in trouble, the navy would have dropped him due to his criminal record. The movie had promise, but lacked believability.

  • Abram Lincoln

    It Amazes me that one or two persons individual comments can have a bearing on how much a movie makes ,or how popular it becomes.I am an avid movie lover and put movies like The God Father , Scarface , Gladiator ,Avatar ,A few good men , and The magnificent Seven as some of the best movies i have seen .But how can you put down movies that attract an audiance of their own ,movies are not just about great acting and great stories ,it is also about entertainment and action which i feel was abundant in both movies and the acting wasnt that bad .Remember before you bag a movie understand it appeals to a larger audiance than yourself

  • ghost

    Whaaat??? Are you crazy? Both movies are awesome.

  • dcl

    I loved the both and continue to watch them over and over. Your too harsh on your review!

    • Mike

      John Carter was a good movie don’t care what the critics say….JCM would have done well at the box office it had been marketed well. The marketing was done so poorly that the movie did not have a chance from the start. Sure they spent plenty of money on the marketing, but it was a disorganized mess and forgot that the books were written generations ago. The marketing assumed that people had a connection to the material when in fact there was none at all and therefor it was non-descriptive nor informative enough to create a connection that would drive a desire to see the film.

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    John Carter was a great. It was the victim of the worst marketing campaign in movie history, starting with the title. “Princess of Mars” is the name of the tale .. even “John Carter of Mars” would have been fine .. but John Carter sounds like a romance novel.