Batman vs superman dawn of justice lego movie sets for 2016

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batman vs superman lego movie sets for  2016
In 2 months’ time, we will witness the first time DC’s trinity appears on the big screen together. I don’t know about you but I am super excited for this. As part of the movie, I am also looking forward to what new lego movie sets will be released for Batman vs Superman. There is currently one commercial being released but I am sure there will be brick toy sets that have not being annouced yet to avoid spoiling the movie. Here is hoping for Doomsday or Bizzaro lego toy figure!

Anyway, I have break down the commercial scenes to let you take a look what is coming in March 2016, which is the probably the Batman vs Superman lego movie sets release date.


Batman vs Superman Lego Toy Figure

batman vs superman lego toy figures 2016
Let’s take a look at the toy figures first. So far, we have seen 5 characters on the commercial and they are: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor and Lois Lane. As I said, I think there will be more toy figures but any release beyond these 5 will give the story away so that is why I think some figures are being held back. Other potential Justice League members such as Aquaman or even Cyborg might have their lego toy figures later on. Click here to buy on Amazon


Batman vs Superman Clash of the Heroes Lego set

batman vs superman lego clash of the hero 2016
There are 2 sets being announced so far for the movie and this is one of them. It features the classic Batman vs Superman fight that we have seen so many times in the 2 trailers. The set itself is pretty cool with a Batman signal light as well as a launcher to let the toy figures fly into the air. The toy figures of Batman and Superman is also different from the ones mentioned above. Specifically, the former has glow in the dark eyes while the later has the red eyeballs. Click here to buy on Amazon


Batman vs Superman Sky Battle Lego set

batman vs superman lego sets aerial battle 2016
Another set that has been recently revealed is the aerial battle scene. This is a spoiler as the trailers did not show such a scene. I am sure there are many other BvS movie lego sets that have held back to avoid spoiling more movie scenes. For example, we already know there is a Doomsday battle scene so where is the lego set for that?

Anyway, this BvS lego toy set is pretty cool. There are 2 aerial vehicles that have missile firing capabilities. There is also a launcher meant to propel Superman and Wonderman toy figure into the air. Last of all, there is this cool Batman grabbing hook gun that I think is pretty fun to play with. Click here to buy on Amazon


Batman vs Superman Lego Batmobile

batman vs superman lego batmobile  2016
Finally, we have the BvS lego batmobile that has wow a lot of fans when pictures of it were first released in 2015. The initial release date for the Batmobile is Jan 1 2016 but I am not seeing this on sale anyway so I am assuming it was pushed back. From what I understand, this is probably a limited released so Lego collectors better get their hands on it before having to pay secondary market prices on ebay! Click here to buy on Amazon



So, this is what we have so far Batman vs Superman movie lego sets. Things that I expect to be made available after the movie includes
-Wonder Woman lego set
-Lego toy figures of Bizzaro, Doomsday and even one or two Justice League members
-A few more scenes such as the ending battle scene

What do you think will be released in the coming months of 2016?


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