Now That Avengers Has Given Joss Whedon Power Will He Use It On Firefly?

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fireflyGeeks have known how talented Joss Whedon is for decades, but the masses haven’t really embraced most of his work… until now. He directed The Avengers and that’s not just a success, it’s the most successful movie ever made. For Joss Whedon that success will translate into power, power to get the money he needs to do pretty much whatever he wants for his next project.

Right now he’s pondering whether he wants to direct The Avengers 2, and he’s not entirely sure he wants to do it. What’s the holdup? In large part it’s because he feels it’s someone else’s story. Whedon says of whether he’ll do The Avengers 2, “You know, I’m very torn. It’s an enormous amount of work telling what is ultimately somebody else’s story, even though I feel like I did get to put myself into it.”

That seems to indicate that, maybe, he’d rather be telling one of his own stories. And of his stories, there’s no story he’d rather tell than the ones he’s been telling in the world of Firefly. In a recent interview with the LA Times Whedon had this to say about his love of the Firefly universe, “You know, I love all my raggedy children, but if I could be anywhere, I’d be on board Serenity.”

Even if Whedon decides to do Avengers 2, that movie is still at least three years away from production. There’s plenty of time for him to do something else in between. If you’re a science fiction fan, what you’re probably asking right now is… any chance Joss Whedon uses his newfound clout to make a sequel to Serenity?

That’s not as farfetched a notion as it might seem. Though the Serenity movie was a box office flop it made a lot of money on DVD and, since Joss Whedon is now the director of Avengers, there’s little doubt he could get the money he needs to make another Serenity movie or maybe even convince some network to restart the Firefly TV series. But would he?

Whedon says if he could be anywhere he’d be on the Serenity and right now Joss Whedon can be anywhere. He can do anything he wants for his next project. It may well be that he wants to start something new, now that he has the freedom to do whatever he wants, and that would make perfect sense. But he could also decide he really does want to get back on board the Serenity. If he does, we’ll be right there with him.


  1. heronymo says:

    I’d actually really want him to direct Avengers 2. And write (with Zak Penn). He did such an awesome job…. I don’t trust anyone else lol Come on Joss, make an awesome trilogy!

    Pretty sure he said he’s done with the Firefly universe anyway. Honestly, I think it should be left alone. And it’s one of my favorite shows of all time.

    • Christina M says:

      Zak Penn’s story was actually completely scrapped and Whedon started from scratch. Penn only gets a credit because he’d originally written a script. Or whatever.

    • i agree, it was pretty good show despite some of the actors, (well they were American) haha! but i don’t think flogging a dead horse is worthy of the talent of his talent

    • Alyss says:

      He hasn’t said he’s done. He’s said he’s done with the TV series, but that he wanted to make a trilogy of movies.

  2. Why do GFR writers keep calling it “the Serenity”? Does no one listen to poor Inara? 🙁

  3. I’d only truly want him to do this if he could re-assemble the cast. If they all agreed to come back then and only then should he go back to Serenity!

  4. Hanna says:

    It’s been ten years since Firefly. A lot has happened since then, and of course the actors all look ten years older. It just doesn’t seem right to me that he would pick up where he left off and tell the same story.
    I can see him doing something set in the ‘verse, but more along the lines of a spin-off than a sequel. And while Firefly was aesthetically stunning, what I loved the most about the show was those characters, at that moment in their lives. I’m not saying whatever Joss chooses to do won’t be great, but it won’t have the same character as Firefly.

    • How many years between Star Trek, the TV show and Star Trek, the first movie? Not like there couldn’t be a gap there.

      He could pick up with the same characters at a different point in their lives. How did their lives change after Miranda? Was there another Parliament meltdown and a new government? Could be addressed as flashbacks and then moving on to new adventures.

      I personally don’t care what he does so long as somehow, some way, there is more Firefly/Serenity in the future.

      • JT says:

        Yep, great point. It worked for Star Trek why do fans assume it can’t work for Firefly?

      • BrownCoat says:

        Great post,especially the “Was there another Parliament meltdown” part.
        Remember in the movie when River’s mind control doctor said to The Operative (bad guy) that River had been before Parliament members; that would be a good place to start a new season. The Serenity crew could confront / expose all the dirt River knows about each one of them & maybe you could have some twist in the story like one of them was not really bad but had to play along but was secretly helping the Alliance in different ways.

        A new series would be very SHINNY!

  5. I would rather they got him doing star trek films and series

  6. Gary Duvall says:

    I doubt that will happen. It would have been awesome if he would have had a few seasons to tell the story he wanted to, but he pretty much wrapped up the story he had to tell with Serenity. Reavers were just people driven insane by a drug pumped into their atmosphere by the Federation, and River was a bad ass because of the experiments. In a nut shell, that was all the series ever wanted to tell.

  7. ted says:

    well Nathan’s on castl, gina’s on suits , Morena Baccarin on homeland

  8. Shaun says:

    It really sucks that the Serenity movie was a flop. It is a really good movie, and follow up on the series. But I would much rather see the series continue where it left off, have about a good 2-3 season run. And finally end with the events that lead up to the movie.

  9. Although I would love to see more stories set on Serenity, maybe it is just too hard to get the ball rolling again – but maybe we could see other stories and other ships in the same ‘verse! It would have to be done by a decent network though!

  10. Jamasia says:

    I’m sure I’ve heard Whedon say that he was done with the Firefly universe. It would be interesting to see though, because let’s face it, Summer Glau can’t play a 17 year old anymore

  11. Joshkie says:

    I’m still boycotting FOX Television for canceling Fireflly mid season and puting the Crapfest of Fast Lane in it’s place.

    I spit on the FOX Television.

  12. Wolfa moon says:

    give him serenity 2 and bargin in avengers 2

  13. Bevin Chu says:

    Serenity II. With the original cast.

    Now that would be a sequel worth waiting for. Hopefully it would be a case of Godfather II, where the sequel was as good or better than the original.

  14. Samwise says:

    I feel like bringing back Firefly is sort of playing with fire.

    The way it is now, it has an ending (with Serenity) which is essentially what everybody wanted, and it has been allowed to become this show of cult status.

    Bringing it back just means that theres a chance it could fail again, or, possibly worse, it could fizzle out and die and be forgotten.

    I think it deserves the fame it has now. Id rather it be short and sweet than long and drawn out (not pointing any fingers LOST.)

    Of course, thats not to say I wouldnt watch the hell out of it if it did come back.

  15. It will never be the same – without wash and book.

  16. Lord-Baal says:


    классный сериал. Морена Баккарин самая классная актриса в мире!

  17. Lord-Baal says:

    Светлячок самый классный сериал после звездных врат

  18. Angry Reader says:

    No! He won’t! Firefly is DEAD! GONE! BURIED! Move on and get a life!

  19. bdzot says:

    Oh, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease…..

  20. It would great to see what became of Badger, Siska, and Saffron..

  21. Al Pa says:

    i would like the series to continue set up events to find a way to have the crew an others survive the events when it looks like thier dead/died etc, then you have a plot twist no jutsu… il provide a link for that reference and then you have the series continue on past the movie to everything being different and perhaps have some really cool and amazing story lines as they step past that and have another seires of events and perhaps more humans/races appearing, have soemthign done with the reavers to either redeem them in the storyline or attempt to bring them to a more peaceful/changed state, have the ships make more appearences and maybe a few major fleet battles etc perhaps even have a good storyline for the genetisists who worked on the vaccines and drugs etc for the people etc including the serenity drug or whatever it was called that backfired to etc

  22. Carl Hudson says:

    I think it’s prime time for a second movie. The first episode starts with 7 years after the war ended. Where is Serenity 7 years after the Miranda discovery? Where is everyone at?

    Let’s finish the trilogy!

  23. JimmytheJ says:

    I’d want a new Firefly series. That’d be ace.

  24. kungfugeek says:

    New Firefly?

    I’ll be in my bunk.

    • HitchHiker says:

      I very nearly peed in my pants from laughing when I read this. Kungfugeek, you are my hero of the moment.

  25. hank says:

    Joss needs to sponsor my professional motorcycle race teams! We could theme the bikes riders and rigs around FireFly! Hurry Joss hurry! Would be awesome!

  26. My husband and I went and saw Serenity in theaters before we even knew that there was a Firefly series! We absolutely loved the movie and were thrilled to find the series to watch 🙂 I only wish there were more….hint hint Joss!

  27. Edward Young Jr says:

    With the money he made with Avengers he could produce a new Firefly miniseries and host it on the web by himself and make a killing. Then when the networks see how it did he can sell it to one the networks. Thinking like a Sanctuary situation.

  28. I know fans would eat this premise up alive, but with everyone or many being pretty busy with their own projects these days (well, some of them) would they be able to pull it off? Or if not, would it quite be the same as it was? And then again, Whedon is pretty focused on moving forward too.

    DON’T GET ME WRONG, I think it would be awesome. But to stave off my potential depression when it doesn’t happen, I have to be pragmatic!

  29. Dheep' says:

    Drag your feet a little bit more Joss – you are a smart guy. You know you now have the power, but for a limited time. If there is anything you ever wanted to accomplish with Serenity/Firefly – You can do it. Its in your hands. Just a matter of how much you want it,and how much time you’ll sacrifice. You’re young enough. You can do it! We are ALL behind you 110%

  30. Jay says:

    I would love to see a serenity sequel, ohh hells to the yea! lol

  31. Sam Lusareta says:

    I love the concept of a frontier within a frontier, and the literal cowboy attitude of spacers within the Firefly Universe. The Conflict between the Corporate/ Big Government -like Alliance with the rugged old-west survival attitude of individualists and anarchists of the outer rim planets really hits home with contemporary attitudes, both politically and in general. I believe a series could possibly flourish (one Firefly fandom page has over 200,000 friends) The story would obviously have to pick up where Serenity left off; I wouldn’t dwell on the old characters,aside from those that survived and their memories or mourning. I think the political conflict of the reaper exposure would a be good focal point, as well as the apathy of the public that followed. The Alliance would still be in power, yet exposed for their callousness and corruption; to no ones surprise, nothing changes; and certain factions find that unsettling . At the same time there should be good characters that have compassion and purity within the Alliances ranks, a struggle intertwined with the outer rim factions.

    Loyal saboteurs, Alliance renegades that literally work for the “greater good” of the Alliance and all known life, and will do what it takes at all risk to themselves and no one else. While at the same time, there are still elements of the Alliance that are not compassionate when it comes to the rule of law. These characters work for political clout and station therefore their ruthlessness is renowned. No sci-fi would be complete without the stories of scoundrels that are corrupted easily by profits and are just as atntagonistic as the lawful loyalists; These stories are in need to show the Alliances depth and humanity. I would go with an undertone of the offshoot storyline being, “The only way to beat the Devil, is to befriend him first” …with the aim of getting rid of all corruption within the Alliances Administration. Alliance outfits would also need to be hella cooler than they were in Firefly btw, silly looking space seamen. Although the Alliance could literally be an offshoot of the American Navy with a Corporate backbone.

    I would even go into the history of Earth, and the tragedy that it took the desperation of survival to get humanity to put spaceflight as a priority. Also the regrets of those that destroyed Earth in the name of profit and war, maybe their grandchildren would hold sway over the factions of the Alliance that were responsible for Earths demise and could be protagonists within the series.

    What would be really interesting to see on film or on a series would be a story of revolution where humanity works to drop the concept of monetary value, by those that hold the most of it. Recruiting in secrecy as they try to find redemption for destroying Earth. Then replacing the monetary system with true freedom, while placing the highest value and highest respect on all human life.

    Certain episodes could montage between Alliance stories and the everyday stories of those that struggle in the monetary system, via the smuggling operations of a new Firefly and its crew. Classic struggle stories of the colonists on the terra formed worlds, where most are enslaved or are forced to work the black-market just to make ends meet.

    Basically it would be an undertone, of Capitalism Vs the Red Scare which Firefly already had. With no side being truly right or wrong a conflict between them is always interesting and enlightening. All the while being light hearted and funny; without unwarranted spite as Whedon does best Old and New concepts with drama intertwining so that neither are truly separate being displayed in a fictional settings of future colonies and the adventures of the Firefly crew.

  32. BrownCoat says:

    I was not a fan when the series was on TV, or didn’t know about the movie until after the fact.
    But once I discovered it, I was hooked and still am.
    YES I would definitely watch a new Firefly show or see a new movie.
    ” Take me out to the black” nothing a the verse would stop me.

  33. LoonyLovegood says:

    No power in the ‘Verse can stop Joss Whedon now. Restart the show, make a movie; just make sure the original cast comes back.

  34. I remember netflix being interested in Firefly, maybe they’ll pick up the project. More Firefly please 🙂

  35. REG_2010 says:

    yes please. more Firefly/Serenity. it would be the most anticipated tv show/movie in history. i really hope he can get the original cast back together and do this.

  36. I want Firefly back I have all 13 shows and the movie I loved this show

  37. the only problem with them continuing the series is, is that Nathan Fillion is currently on Castle. And it doesn’t look like it will be ending anytime soon with how captivating it and edge-of-your-seat sequences happening. But, I would LOVE to see it return! Bring it in right after, or just a little bit later than, what happened in the movie Serenity.

  38. DaVeO52 says:

    There is NO WAY even Whedon will be able to pull (nor would he want to) Nathan from Castle. A movie sequel would be much more feasible and I’d be happy with that, even if it’s without some dear cast members who’s characters died in the previous outing.