90-Minute Attack Of The Clones Review Provides Star Wars Closure

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star wars attack of the clones reviewThere’s a documentary floating around the festival circuit right now called The People vs. George Lucas which attempts to bring closure to the Star Wars issue which has plagued us all since Lucas ruined A New Hope by revising it to have Greedo shoot first. People vs. George makes a valiant attempt at wrapping it all up, but never quite gets there, in part because it can’t find the nerve necessary to truly take a stand.

Enter RedLetterMedia, a company which has been releasing a series of extremely bizarre yet brilliantly perfect, in-depth reviews of the Star Wars prequels. A few months ago they did The Phantom Menace but now they’ve topped themselves by taking on Attack of the Clones. Yet the nine videos you’ll see included in this post are more than just an in-depth and occasionally creepy analysis of one failed Star Wars prequel. Amidst all of that they manage to sum up everything that was great and beautiful about Star Wars, while mourning the way one man has ruined it. It makes no excuses, it lays things out as they really are. The last video in particular, if you’re a fan of Star Wars or just a fan of great movies, will bring a tear to your eye.

It’s worth watching all 90-minutes. Use the force, push play, and find the closure Star Wars fans need.


  1. louierippo99 says:

    Yeah, closure is a good thing right?