Ant man lego set review

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ant man lego set reviewWith the Ant man movie just around the corner, it is time to take a look at its toy merchandise and do a ant man lego set review. To my knowledge, there is only one ant man lego building kit being released for 2015 so let’s take a look at it and see whether it is worth your money to buy it!

The best you love will be the price. Unlike, for example, the Jurassic World lego set which can cost up to USD169, the Antman lego set is under USD20. This is a super affordable price that can surely appeal to everyone’s pocket. However, note that the kit features the last battle of the Ant man movie and can be a spoiler for some.

ant man lego set review 2

Now, we come to the actual building kit. Let’s start with the figurines. There are 3 in total for this Antman lego set: Hank Pym Antman, Scott Lang Antman and Yellow Jacket the villain. The first are mostly made from the same mold but with slightly different colors. You can take a closer look at the figurines through the first image above. Out of the three, I found Yellow Jacket to have the coolest costume and design. He even has a backpack. How cool is that?

Besides the 3 figurines, there is also the Flying Ant figure. This is probably the coolest part of the building kit. It comprise more than 100 over bricks and will be the main thing the kids will be building. One nice touch about this entire set is that the bricks are meant to show that the Antman are really small. Hence, you get over sized representations of the bricks and objects, which creates the shrinking power of the various characters.

Overall, the attention to the details are great and the playability of the building kit should be sufficient for multiple play times. It is not the most advanced or complex Marvel lego building kit but for its price tag, you can’t really complaint much.


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