The Anatomy Of A Prometheus Alien

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There are many questions surrounding the film Prometheus. What does it all mean? Why are we here? Where do we come from? One of those questions refers to the origins of man by the mysterious Engineers. In this video, literally, breaks down the opening sequence of Prometheus from a visual effects point-of-view. It also details what went into creating the spaceship, Prometheus, itself as well as the alien planet that serves as its final resting spot.

Martin Hill was one of the Visual Effects Supervisors from the Academy Awarding visual effects house, WETA Digital. He describes what Ridley Scott wanted from them in terms of the opening sequence of Prometheus. What Scott was looking for was the effects to look like a war between the DNA and humanoid alien. The new DNA would rip through the Engineer and then re-assemble in the water. Hill and his team modeled the alien DNA after decaying fish bones aligned with silicone and black ink. It’s still creepy to watch this scene.

As for the spaceship, Prometheus, and the alien world most of the film is set on, Visual Effects Supervisor Charley Henley of MPC was in-charge of creating the look and feel of both. He states in the video that Ridley Scott wanted Prometheus to act like both a spaceship and a harrier jet when landing. He also goes on to talk about the Engineer’s ship, which they called Juggernaut and the spectacular collision these two ships have in the film’s climax.

I’m still waiting for someone involved with the movie to admit that the Prometheus looks a lot like the Serenity.


  • http://nevermindpopfilm.blogspot.com/ Colin “Fitz” Biggs

    I love that, as disturbed as I was by parts of this film, I would see it again tomorrow.

    • Bob

      I’ll see another alien abortion tomorrow, if you will.

      • http://www.facebook.com/karl.davis1 Karl William Davis

        technically an alien Caesarean, not an abortion lol

  • fugitiveALiEN

    Are you kidding me?! Serenity/Firefly came out years after the original Alien where the ship was discovered. Originally designed by H. R. Giger in the 70s!

    • Justin Illusion

      The Prometheus ship that is similar to Serenity is not the Juggernaut ship that was also seen in the original Alien movie. Prometheus is the human-built ship unique to this movie that brings the human crew to LV-223.

      • torch the heavens

        In my opinion, it looks nothing like the Serenity, it does however, look just like the Normandy from Mass Effect.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Terry-Henderson/100001064867091 Terry Henderson

    I honestly believe Ridley is going to follow the girl who took of in the spaceship at the end. New extension of Alien. And I think thats why he was reluctant to call it a prequel becuase its the start of another story line. I hope so.

  • Kellic

    I have a different theory as to why the engineers are trying to kill off humanity. While in the movie it says that their DNA and human DNA is a 100% match we damn well know that isn’t the case. All you have to do is look at an engineer to know that the physical traits depicted in them are not found in any human. EVER.

    Anyways my theory is that the found out that the black goo is capable of creating facehuggers and xenomorphs in humans. That is why the xenomorph that came out of the engineer was so different. It been said that the facehugger uses the genetic makeup of the host to make the xenomorph. The engineers may have realized how dangerous the versions that pop out of humans are and went OH CRAP! KILL EM ALL.

    • Andy Frogman

      While that might make a certain amount of sense. The Jockeys according to the extended universe material, bred and used Xenomorphs to conquer worlds.

    • Zebbakei.

      It’s said that within a fox is the dna for a wolf, or a dog, or a poodle etc.

      • Zebbakei.

        If you could go in and ‘engineer” the dna, you could create a totally new form of canine as well, not just existing ones.

        • deon

          You could compile the existing genes of a given organism in a manner that has never existed before. You can even introduce foreign genes from similar life forms. However, as far as modern genetics are concerned, you can’t actually create something “new.”

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Wax/100000900235855 Jon Wax

      my suggestion is this:
      they are mad at us because they created us.
      and we chose to worship god instead of them.

  • RielDeal

    The black goo is a tool wich one can create with. They, the engineers sacrifice themselves in order to create life. When used in this manner – self sacrifice its a wonderfull tool. when contacted by creatures who are out of balance and full of fear angers or other negative emotions it becomes a tool of destruction. Also, they spoke of an event around 2000 years ago/ that is the death of Jesus Christ- he was their ambassador- we killed him. Thats when their love turned into hate. because of this negative emotion the black goo wich they had on the ship turned into something that killed them.
    And last but not least after we finally meet them we let and old derranged man whos mind is being ruled by fear of dieing and an android represent us in our first contact.
    This greenlighted the last engineer into his frenzy.. wich i totally understand.
    They engineer race is all about self sacrifice, we as humans are mostly scared to sacrifice anything.. so in their eyes we have learned nothing and are not worthy.

    Peace out !

  • deon

    I like your theory, Kellic. I want to see what that blue ‘xenomorph’ alien can do. I’d also Like to see a fully suited Engineer battle a Predator. That seems like it would be a fun fight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BlakberiPhotography Rubus Blakberi

    It’s obvious that the engineer who created humanity was a rogue and we were not supposed to exist – we are a huge mistake, an out of control lab experiment that is growing dangerous. You can liken it to every Frankenstein based movie ever made – our own creations are dangerous and cannot be allowed to exist, so we have to destroy them.

    That is what we are to the engineers – even more dangerous now that we (in the future of course) develop interstellar travel and walk amongst the ‘gods’ (engineers).

    This can be seen by the engineers reaction, disgust and fury mixed. That is why they must eradicate us all.