This Is The Alien 5 Role That Louis C.K. Wants

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Louis CKNow that Neill Blomkamp’s Alien movie is officially happening, we can start the rampant speculation about casting and plot and all the fun little details that go along with a project like this. As this is going to be a pretty big deal, you have to imagine that all kinds of people in Hollywood are going to be interested in joining the party, and one star has already thrown his hat into the ring. Comedian Louis C.K. says he wants to be cast and then killed off in the next Xenomorph adventure. We can totally get behind that.

It wouldn’t be a true Alien movie without franchise stalwart Sigourney Weaver (we don’t really count the Alien Vs. Predator movies), and we certainly hope that she’ll return. She worked with Blomkamp on his latest, Chappie, and reportedly was part of the inspiration for his idea for the film. We don’t know yet if she’ll be back (on potential report says this could be a prequel, so it’s hard to imagine how she fits in), but she talked about the possibility on The Tonight Show and dropped the bit about Louis C.K.

She said, “Louis CK said, ‘I want to be in [the next Alien movie], and I want to die in a terrible way!’ And I said, ‘I’m sure something can be rearranged.’”

Though he’s most known as a stand-up comic, C.K. has also worked with tons of well-known directors, including the likes of Woody Allen on Blue Jasmine and David O. Russell on American Hustle. He also stars in his very own sitcom, the acclaimed, appropriately named Louie, and has even directed things like the cult favorite Pootie Tang.

And we would love to see him horribly ripped apart by some snarling, armor-plated, H.R. Giger-designed monster in a cramped hallway in space where no one can hear him scream. Granted, now that it’s happening, who among us doesn’t want to get killed in some brutal, bloody fashion in an Alien movie? If there’s a list to sign up for this role, you can sure as hell add us to list.

Check out what Weaver has to say about Chappie in this clip. She plays coy about whether or not she’s going to sign up for Alien 5, but she does appear to get excited when the topic comes up. Hopefully that enthusiasm is enough to make her think this is a good idea.

There’s no timeline for Alien 5 yet, but you can bet your ass that we’re going to be keeping a sharp ear out for any and all news we can scrounge up.


  1. Stu Pitt says:

    I hope Sigourney Weaver is not in the next Alien movie. I’m tired of the same formula over and over with we have to have a female lead. The suits in Hollywood are great at destroying creativity. It’s time to go in a different direction. Unfortunately, I’m afraid this movie will go down the same disappointing path the movies have gone since Aliens (Alien 2).