7 things we know so far about the X file TV show 2016

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X File tv show for 2016
The X File tv show was one of the top sci fi tv show that ever graced our small screen. I remembered being glued to it for the first few seasons. Although the quality went down, IMHO, towards the last few seasons, there are still lots of Sci Fi fans who are looking forward to this new series coming to Fox on January 2016. Here are what we know of it so far.


#1: Original cast is back!

The most exciting news is of course the return of the original cast. There is no X Files without Anderson and Duchovny so it is a good thing they will be in the movie. In fact, even Mitch Pileggi (skinner) and the Cigarette-Smoking Man are back. All in all, it is a casting that will please fans.


#2: Six-episode event

The new series is pretty short and runs for only 6 episodes. This is probably Fox being cautious about X Files’ popularity. I am sure if the new series does well, it will probably announce a longer series for the future. On the other hand, it might just be to tie up all the loose ends that were left hanging after the last season aired. 13 years ago.


#3: Timeline

It was revealed that the show picks up 8 years after we last saw our characters. It is interesting to note that the story will probably fill in a lot of blanks in terms of what has happened during this 8 years. I am guessing a lot of missing plots will be solved via flash backs to those years.


#4: Married or not?

The last time we saw Scully and Mulder in the movie, they were living together but not married. In this 2016 TV show, the producers have said that their relationship will be different from what we know. Depending on how you interpret that statement, it can mean they got married or they are no longer living with each other.


#5: Release date

Fox has confirmed the 2016 X File TV show to be released on January 24, 2016, at 8pm after the NFC Championship games. This is probably done to give the show the biggest chance of success as ratings are always high on game days, even after the match has ended.


#6: Alien Invasion story line

X File tv show for 2016 on set photos
The first on set of photos have been revealed online. One of which is showing an UFO has seen above. This is probably a hint that one of the storyline running through the new series will be the Alien Invasion story, which didn’t really get resolved. The new series will probably have a closure on that via Flash backs on what happened to the invasion.


#7: New characters

We know for sure there will be new agents and other characters in the TV show. So far, Robbie Amell (The Duff) and Lauren Ambrose has already been confirmed to be coming on. There will be more news about these new folks closer to the release date but it is known that these 2 guys will definitely be agents.


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