5 super villains I love to see on the Supergirl show

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supergirl villains for tv show featured
SDCC has bought with it a ton of news related to all the comic book movies and TV shows. We got lots of new trailers including that of Batman vs Superman, Deadpool, XMen etc. We also have news on who will be the villains in the upcoming shows including Supergirl. Speciically, we now know Livewire, Maxwell Lord and Reactron will in the show and making life difficult for our heroine. However, beyond these 3, below are 5 more villains that I think will be great on the small screen.


#1: Bizzaro Supergirl

supergirl villains for tv show 1 - bizzaro supergirl
One of my personal favourite Supergirl villain hails from the world of Bizzaro where everything is turned into weird reflections of our reality. Bizzaro Supergirl is one such entity and boy, is she a pain in the neck. Featuring the same superpowers as our heroine, she is dangerous, insane and unpredictable. What more can you ask for in a villain. My top choice for inclusion in the TV show.


#2: Blackstarr

supergirl villains for tv show 1 - blackstarr
Blackstarr is a powerful super villain whose abilities include being able to tap into the fundamentals forces of the cosmos. Due to such powers, she will be a good match for Supergirl and will provide a nice challenge to her superpowers. Interestingly, Blackstarr eventually joined the Suicide Squad and become a good guy.


#3: Lucy Lane

supergirl villains for tv show 1 - lucy lane
Lucy Lane is the sister of the famous reporter, Lois Lane. She had an uneasy relationship with her sister due to her perception that Lois gave more attention to Superman than their father. Unknown to Lois, Lucy and her dad were working on some secret experiment with Kryptonians on earth which eventually gave Lucy Lane her superhuman powers. Calling herself Superwoman, her presence on TV will be great for both family drama and some fierce fighting action with Supergirl.


#4: Reign

supergirl villains for tv show 1 - reign

Reign is a fairly new character as she was recently introduced in the New 52 series of Supergirl. Reign is a product of Kryptonian scientists and is part of a group called WorldKillers. It was said that Doomsday is a member of this group but escaped earlier so you can imagine the power of Reign. She will be a nice villain to featured in the last few episodes of the series to close it out with a bang.


#5: Silver Banshee

supergirl villains for tv show 1 - silver banshee
Silver Banshee is a classic Superman villain who has also fought numerous times with Supergirl. In the New 52, the Black Banshee also appeared and fought with our heroine. Visually, she looks great and her powers are easy to create on a TV budget. Will definitely love to see her on screen.

Which other super villains will you like to see on the Supergirl TV show coming this October 2015.


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