5 other X Men tv shows we want to see in 2016 and beyond!

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x men tv shows 2016
Today’s new confirmed that Fox and Marvel are finally working together on TV projects starring the X Men properties. The first 2 announced pilots show how interesting and diverse the X Men universe can be. One is about Legion, the son of Professional X with multiple personalities inhabiting the same body, which I see as a psychology thriller. The second is a period piece that explores the history of the Hellfire club. Both shows are as far away from the traditional superhero genre as possible. I like this development as it is a positive sign that superhero comics can survive and expand beyond their current perceived boundaries. Below is what I hope to see in the coming months as more X-Men Ips are being explored.


#1: New Mutants Academy

new mutants academy
I called this X-Men meets Harry Potter. Although the students will all be super powered, the focus will be on the teen drama and adventures that we have seen in the Harry Potter movies. While there will be some display of powers, the main fun will be the characters’ interaction and their growing up pains.


#2:X Factor Investigations

x factor investigations
Let’s called this CSI or X Files meets X Men. This show has the potential to be crime drama driven, with a nice additional of super heroes for some cool effects. Each episode will focus on a new case. Some can be super villain driven while others might be normal folks. I see lots of potential in this one and I hope we will have a chance to see X Factor Investigations on our screen soon.

Characters wise, there are many popular X Men in this team including Rictor, Shatterstar, Longshot, Madrox the Multiple man. My favorite has to be the female lead, Layla Rose Miller, otherwise known as Butterfly. She is cool, funny and mysterious. For those who have not read the comics, there will be a nice twist for her during one of the storylines.



MI:13 is Marvel universe’s UK Intelligence agency. Politics, cross country tensions, mysteries. All these are possible with such a TV show that combines agency drama and superhero powers. The characters within MI:13 are fairly interesting with the likes of Captain Britain, Black Knight, Pete Wisdom being part of the UK team etc. I especially like the character of Pete Wisdom as he is smart ass, confident and should have a lot of cool dialogue on the show.



Think of it as Doctor Who meets the X Men. In this series, we have a team of mutants that originally comprise Blink, Mimic, Thunderbird etc who went on a dimension hopping journey to save different earths. Sounds familiar to Doctor Who? The latter has shown how successful such a quirky show can be so using the same formula on the X Men franchise should not present much of a problem. The comic series itself ran into 100s of issues so there are plenty of materials for the show to work with.



Everyone will love to see a Wolverine TV show but he is probably too important to be used on the small screen. A solution is to use his daughter instead. I see this show along the lines of other strong female lead shows such as Buffy and the latest Supergirl. X-23 has a very interesting character history so the show can have a mixed of science and action. Stories wise, it will be a growing up story as we follow X-23’s adventure of her journey of self discovery.



The X Men franchise is deep and goes beyond what we have seen on the big screen. If the 2 new X Men TV shows signal the start of a collaborative relationship between Marvel and Fox, we could end up seeing more interesting shows coming up in 2016.


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