5 Of Our Favorite Teen-Centric Time Travel Movies

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Time BanditsTime Bandits

For some reason Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits tends to get lost among the rest of his filmography. That’s a risk you take when you make classics like 12 Monkeys and Brazil, but it’s also a damn shame. As you would expect from a Gilliam joint, the story of an eleven-year-old boy who teams up with a group of time travelling dwarves to pillage valuable artifacts from historical figures is even stranger than the description makes it sound. Full of fantastic cameos—Sean Connery plays Agamemnon, Gilliam’s Monty Python brother John Cleese shows up as Robin Hood, among others—this is a lunatic ride from beginning to gleefully delirious end. If you haven’t watched this in a while, you owe it to yourself to pop it in the player or cue it up on your preferred streaming service. It’s a wild ride well worth taking again.

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