30th Anniversary Poster For E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial’s Blu-ray Release

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E.T. is thirty-years-old this year, so to celebrate (and get money) Universal Pictures is planning an anniversary edition Blu-ray release of the film. Expect it on store shelves some time this Fall, and don’t be surprised if there’s some sort of theatrical re-release too. When the Blu-ray shows up, the cover will likely look like this…

The above poster comes from Hopko Designs where they’ve created that for use on the 30th Anniversary E.T.: The Extraterrestrial Blu-ray cover.

Here’s what it will look like in Blu-ray form…

Now all we need is some sort of assurance that they’ll refrain from replacing all the guns in the film with radios, and I’m all in.


  1. Linda says:

    I not only like E.T. I Love it.  

  2. Spielberg said, straight up, that he realized that replacing the guns was a mistake.