10 Best UFO Documentaries On Netflix

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Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated by outer space, UFO’s and alien life. As an adult, I love to watch pretty much anything I can on the subject and thankfully there are some awesome documentaries on Netflix about UFO’s. Today I am sharing with you some of the best and ones that I feel are well worth checking out.
Just a bit of a disclaimer here. Netflix is always adding and taking away content so please do not come looking for me with a pitchfork if these have been removed when you go to watch them. Even if they are no longer on Netflix, I would still personally recommend that you do go to the effort to track these down as they are all worth watching. One bit of advice I have for you is that some of these are actually available on YouTube. By the way, if you are interested in spotting ufo yourself, check our our guide on the best night vision goggles for ufo sightings.

Curse Of The Man Who Sees UFO’s (2016)

The first one I want to talk about is very interesting. Curse Of The Man Who Sees UFO’s is the story of a man called, Christo Roppolo. He is a UFO enthusiast who makes the claim that he has been not just videotaping and researching UFO’s, but also communicating with them as well. He lives in Monterey, CA and if a sighting has happened there, you better believe that he knows about it. In 2013, Christo got in touch with a filmmaker called Justin Garr and sent him some tape of his sightings. Justin was fascinated by this, not so much the UFO aspect, but Christo himself.

Justin goes along with Christo as they try to track down UFO’s and investigate a crop circle that appeared in Monterey County. The way the movie is made is very interesting and while he can come off a little weird, you genuinely do believe that Christo believes what he is saying. It is very interesting to see how Justin does kind of start to open his mind a little bit as their journey goes on. In all this is just a very interesting kind of documentary. Christo may be a little bit eccentric for some, but I found some of his footage fascinating.

Austrailen Skies (2015)

The first thing we have to address is just how awesome the name of this documentary is! As you can gather from the title, Austrailen Skies is about UFO’s that appear down under. No not underground, but in Australia. Don Meers is the man behind this documentary and he decided that he was going to travel Australia and see what the people there have to say about UFO’s. Have they seen them? Have they been contacted by them? And even have they been abducted. He is asking the kind of questions that those of us who are into this kind of thing really want to know the answers for. It is very well shot and it is the kind of documentary that just flies by as it is so interesting.

The most interesting aspect of Austrailen Skies is Damien John Nott. He is a Ufologist and if you have seen any documentary about aliens or UFO’s and there is an Australian dude talking, it is most likely him. He says that he has the largest collection of recorded UFO sightings in the world and he is certainly a character. He even claims that he sometimes gets a feeling about when these UFO’s are going to appear. It is a pretty cool documentary and the fact it is centered around a figure in the UFO community that many of us have heard of makes it more interesting.

Sirius (2013)

I have never wanted to believe in something I saw in a UFO documentary more than what I was watching in Sirius. The documentary is based on Dr. Stephen Greer who first of all is built like the Hulk! But also has some very interesting ideas, not just about UFO’s and extraterrestrials, but how there is also existing technology that could give the whole world energy. It is a very weird kind of documentary with many different levels. I mentioned the energy thing, but there is also the disclosure of UFO’s to the public and then there is the main event… the little alien skeleton.

You have no idea how much I wanted this to be an alien skeleton, I have watched the documentary two times and I am still not 100 percent sure just what the heck this thing is! It is very interesting to look at, almost creepy and the trying to figure out what it is, serves as the backbone for the documentary. Some may be not all that impressed with how the documentary does not really answer any of the questions that it has at the start. But I was very interested in this, so much so that it drove me to do my own research on it!

Unsealed: Alien Files (2011)

Next up I have for your, Unsealed: Alien Files. This is not just a documentary it is actually a TV series. There is quite a few episodes on here and they all last around 20 minutes so it is the perfect show if you want a little UFO action, but do not have the time to watch a two hour documentary. It is kind of done is a cheesy way and some of the “effects” that they use to recreate different events like alien sightings, UFO’s and so on are not the best. But this is still a very interesting show.

It covers a ton of different subjects. A couple of the episodes that I really enjoyed are Space Shuttle Encounters, Bedroom Invaders, Astronaut Encounters and NAZI UFO’s. There are a ton more episodes to this show and I would think that any person who is into UFO’s would really enjoy. They have some great interviews with people who are supposedly have worked for various governments on different projects that have involved UFO’s. This is well worth watching, especially if you want to just kick back and relax for 20 minutes.

Aliens On The Moon: The Truth Exposed (2014)

If I had to pick a personal favorite on this list then it would have to be Aliens On The Moon: The Truth Exposed. This is just such a fascinating documentary. Many of us who believe in UFO’s have always felt that there is more on the moon than NASA has let on and this is what this documentary is all about. It shows large structures that do not look to be naturally formed, could they be an alien base? Spaceship? Some kind of energy system? This is just such a great documentary that it really does get your mind racing with ideas and thoughts. It is not just all “theory” either.

You see this documentary was actually made with people who have video footage from NASA and people who have seen actual unchanged photos. It is very interesting to hear and also kind of alarming that there could be this whole alien base on the other side of the moon. The fact that the people behind the documentary went to so much effort to get people from NASA to be part of it really does make it super entertaining to watch. I honestly cannot recommend this highly enough, a must watch for any believer!

UFO’s The Best Evidence Ever Caught On Tape (2000)

Ok so this one may be pretty old (is 17 years old?) but this is another series that is on Netflix and has a couple of seasons worth of episodes for you to check out. One of the coolest things about this series is that Jonathon Frakes, Commander Riker from Star Trek The Next Generation is one of the narrators. This is exactly what you would expect. It has that kind of cheesy TV feel to it, but it does have its charm. Each episode offers different UFO’s that have been caught on tape, either by some random person or an actual UFO hunter. Some of the footage does make you think “man that has to be real” but then there are others that are very clearly fake!

Speaking of which they do actually get a few experts, well they say they are experts. On board to give their thoughts on if a video is real, faked or if they just cannot flat out explain what the deal is. This does make it more interesting and as each episode is relatively short at around 20 minutes. It is the kind of show that is perfect just to throw on when you have a spare half an hour to yourself. So while it may not be one of the most in depth UFO shows out there it is still worth a watch.

Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings (2007)

Best Evidence Top 10 UFO Sightings was a documentary that first aired on TV a few years back. At only 45 minutes long it is very easy to sit through. These are supposedly the best evidence that we are not alone in the universe! The list was put together by a selection of experts ranging from UFO hunters, scientists, ex-government officials and more. It is quite the list of experts so as a UFO enthusiast I was actually very interested to see what they classed as the best evidence.

They, of course, talk about some of the major and well known ones. But my favorite part of this documentary has to be the talk about the Rendlesham Forest incident which happened in 1980 in the UK. For me, this is still to this day one of the most fascinating UFO stories that has ever been told and if there was one that really sent my imagination into overdrive it was this one! Of course, there are ten other well known UFO incidents that happen on this documentary, but that one is my favorite. If you are a long time UFO fan and have watched many of the documentaries and TV shows that have aired over the years. You probably will not learn anything new here, but it is still fun and interesting to watch.

Chasing UFO’s (2012)

Chasing UFO’s mixes reality TV with UFO hunting. Chasing UFO’s is a TV series that currently has one season on Netflix. The show is about a group of people who want to know the truth about UFO’s as they head all over the USA trying to find evidence and speak to people that will shine a brighter light on the UFO phenomenon. The pretty much cover everything you would want them to from basic UFO sightings to full on alien abductions that were then covered up by the government. One thing that I loved about this series was how they have a great mix of people that they talk to. Ranging from former government employees to the average joe.

You have to keep in mind that this is a TV show and that it is filmed like one. I am not saying that it is a bad thing, but they certainly do a few things to try and add to the drama which in many cases to be fair does actually work. But I know this may turn some of you off. Still, these folks are pretty hardcore when it comes to tracking down UFO’s and I would say it is well worth taking the time to watch their story.

Out Of The Blue (2003)

This was a documentary that a buddy actually recommended to me. He saw it on TV a while back and said I would like it. At over a decade old, Out Of The Blue most likely is going to have footage that you have seen before, but it is always interesting to see. What I really liked about this documentary is that while a large portion of it was of course about UFO’s and aliens and so on. It also focused on the people who believe in them, have seen them and ultimately had their life be affected by them.

What I really found interesting was the way the documentary looked at these people as people. By that I mean, they would explain to you how coming forward as a person who has seen something or who does believe has had an effect on their life. It may not be the most exciting UFO documentary that I have ever seen, but I really did enjoy seeing how other people get treated when they come forward as a believer.

Ancient Aliens (2009)

If there is one thing on this list that every single UFO enthusiast has seen I would bet that it is Ancient Aliens. This is made by the History Channel and while Netflix does not have the whole series they do have quite a few episodes on there. Thinking that humanity was shaped by aliens is always something that I have found very interesting and actually, something I really do think is true. From the Mayans, ancient Egypt and China, this series just gives you so much to think about it is crazy. My mind is always racing at 100 miles per hour after watching an episode.

The way the series mixes it’s science with ancient mythology is just so fascinating to me and clearly, with the amount of years this has been running, many other people feel the same. Ancient Aliens is just a very fun and interesting series to watch. It is entertaining, has great production values and is something that any person, even with just the slightest interest in UFO’s would really enjoy.


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